Vaping Different Grades Of Cannabis: A Primer

Left: Mild outdoor grown. Right: Potent indoor bud.

When using a dry herb vaporizer, it’s important to remember that the type of bud you decide to use has a huge impact on the flavour, intensity, and duration of your buzz. Oftentimes, I’ve had people write to me complaining that “vaporizers don’t work” (and other such nonsense), only to later reveal that they live in a place where cannabis is still illegal and only have access to low quality bud. Using two different types of local bud as examples, this guide aims to outline the difference between grades of cannabis as well as how to choose what’s best for you.

Notice the trichromes in the enlarged photo.

In the above right photo, we have two types of cannabis which look very different from one another, and even the untrained eye will be able notice several important distinctions between them. In the above right of the photo, we have a nice large nug which was grown hydroponically indoors, most likely by someone who knows how to grow properly. Placing an emphasis on maximum yield and potency, this bud is extra dense and just a little bit seemingly lasts forever in my vapes, giving me a potent buzz. Cannabis grown indoors will also have more trichromes (the small crystals) on the bud which allows you to harvest more kief from less bud. Like most indoor grown cannabis I found that despite the density and potency, the aromas and flavors weren’t really varied or complex and were instead secondary to strength and yield.

Some milder outdoor bud. Has a great aroma despite its looks!

On the other hand, the cannabis pictured in the above right was grown in soil outdoors within a temperate region. Growing cannabis in this fashion results in buds which are fairly loose, and as a result the stem-bud ratio is greater than the dense indoor stuff (which is a downside). Furthermore, the overall product is much lower in THC (and most likely CBD) than the bud grown in a climate controlled indoor environment, and the result is a more mellow high. If the outdoor grown bud is that much weaker (and has more stems), you may be wondering why I still like to keep a supply of it around, and the answer comes down to a combination of taste and choice. Oftentimes during the day I’m looking to vape something which is highly tasty but only gives me a slight buzz, making the lower potency outdoor bud a solid choice. Moreover, the weaker bud also makes for a good introduction for those new to cannabis and vaping since it is less likely to overwhelm inexperienced users. Furthermore, although the outdoor bud pictured above is weak THC wise in comparison to the indoor-grown, the smell is very rich and reminds me of a cross between pine, cascade hops, and hints of earthy notes which come together to create a great tasting experience.

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Always remember that your choice of bud greatly impacts your vaping experience, so make sure to know what to look for when searching for good cannabis to vape. At times when I’m looking to totally unwind (or want the stimulating effects of a strong Sativa), I’ll go with higher potency bud and vice versa. Fortunately, with the legalization movement continuing to draw stream in many countries, I expect that eventually, we’ll see proper labeling of THC and CBD content in different strains of bud, allowing consumers and medical marijuana patients to pick and choose what works best for them! If you enjoyed this blog, checkout more here.


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