Vaporite Mini Air Review

The Vaporite Mini Air
The Vaporite Mini Air

One of Vaporite’s top sellers because of its compact and clean design, the Vaporite Mini Air is an electric whip vaporizer with a remote control and ceramic heating element. Once you unbox your Mini Air, it is recommended that you  leave the unit on for about 3 minutes at the highest temperature, then let it cool down. Doing so removes any residual manufacturing oils.

Before I began vaping, I turned the unit on and allowed it to warm up. It heated up to 200C rather quickly, and I enjoyed the look of the vaporizer it is definitely one of the best CBD vape pens UK. There is a digital temperature gauge that displays current temp as well as set temp. The unit also comes with a handy remote which allows for hands-free operation. The unit feels solid to the touch, and it resembles a black PSU on a computer. The unit also ships with food grade silicone tubing, which produces a cleaner taste and is much easier to clean.
The Mini Air and Extreme Q
The Mini Air and Extreme Q

After a few minutes spent warming up, I began vaporizing at 200C, and was impressed by the smoothness of the vapor produced as well as the taste. The digital temperature readout was a nice touch, and it was nice to see the current and set temps at the same time. Much like the Extreme Q, you can also connect a waterpipe to your Vaporite if you use the proper glass connector (see here  for more details). I feel that since you place your herb extremely close to the heating element (the herb nearly touches the element), the unit produces a smooth and tasty vapor. The bowl was also fairly large, and easy to clean using rubbing alcohol.

When my session was finished, my herb was evenly toasted even without stirring. One downside with the element design was that the glass bowl sits horizontally, which makes it very easy to pull out by accident. When the unit is operating, this can be dangerous since the glass that can pull out is extremely hot. There is also a fan in the Mini Air, but only one fan speed and it is weaker than the Extreme Q’s. It is quiet however.

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In order to achieve a longer lifespan, Vaporite recommends turning the Mini Air off for about 5 minutes after every 20 minutes of usage (the unit automatically kicks into stanby mode). This is recommended in order to prevent the ceramic from overheating. I found this to be a little bit of a pain, as I often like to leave my electric vaporizers on for most of the day in order to avoid heat-up times. The heat  dissipation  is a big downside, as the unit becomes very hot the the touch after about 15 minutes of operation.

Overall, I enjoyed the mini air. It produced a large amount of quality vapor and looked really cool without being obnoxiously bright. However, having to turn it off frequently can be a pain at times, and the unit itself got extremely hot to the touch during operation. The price point is very affordable for an electric vapor, and would make for a solid whip vaporizer for those on a budget.

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