Weight Loss and CBD: Which Products Work Best?

Weight loss can be tough. Sure, social media influencers tout the latest skinny teas and diets, but it’s not all about that. If you’re on a journey to be your best physical self, you’ll know that it’s all about working out and eating well.

But what if there was something that could help? What if CBD could make your weight loss journey a little bit easier?

What Does Science Say About CBD and Weight Loss?

CBD has numerous health benefits. It’s used to improve sleep quality, to manage pain, and to aid with muscle recovery. In addition to this, CBD’s antioxidant properties make it a skincare must-have.

But can it help with weight loss? There is evidence to show that yes, it can indeed!

This is because cannabidiol can aid in “fat browning”. Here, white fat — commonly associated with obesity and diabetes — is turned into brown fat. This, in turn, burns extra calories through thermogenesis, resulting in weight loss.

In addition to this, there’s another way that CBD can help with weight loss. We all know how much the gym can hurt. If you go too hard at the gym, you’ll wake up the next day with sore muscles, and sometimes, you’re barely able to walk!

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an excellent, all-natural way to manage muscle aches. Adding CBD into your fitness regime can make recovery a lot quicker, and less painful.

A quicker turnaround time, in relation to recovery, means that you can spend more time at the gym, without the pesky muscle aches! Even some manufacturers recognized these benefits and started to crete protein powders with infused CBD.

CBD Products for Weight Loss

CBD products come in practically every form you can think of. Whether you’re on the lookout for a simple CBD tincture, or some CBD-infused snacks to aid your weight loss journey, CBD Village has you covered.

Here’s our list of must-have CBD products to help with weight loss.

Canndid CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are a discreet, effective way to consume CBD. They can be taken on their own, via the included dropper. You can also add them to food and drink, for DIY edibles on-the-go.

These tinctures from Canndid come in a small bottle, with a dropper. They’re available in three different strengths. The good news is that they’re berry-flavoured, with no bitter aftertaste.

This means that these tinctures taste quite pleasant! To kickstart your CBD-infused weight loss journey, apply a few drops directly onto your tongue, before or after your gym session.

Unflavoured 250mg E-Liquid Shot by CBD Asylum

If you’re a smoker, you’ll know that regular smoke breaks can help subdue your appetite, and thus, help with weight loss. However, you’ll very likely have heard about the health issues that go hand-in-hand with smoking.

This might be the time to swap your cigarettes for a vape. Making this switch means you’ll not only be able to vape nicotine e-liquids, but you’ll also be able to add CBD into the mix.

Vaping CBD oil won’t just help suppress your appetite. It’ll also reduce inflammation, to help with sore muscles, and have you back at the gym in no time. It’s also one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD.

This CBD e-liquid from CBD Asylum is unflavored, so you can mix it in with your favourite e-liquid.

Equilibrium CBD 100mg Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee 100g Bag

While coffee isn’t exactly a superfood, it’s a great way to keep hunger pangs at bay, and stop yourself from snacking. If you’re on the path to weight loss, it can be useful to have some coffee on hand.

However, while black coffee can be great for weight loss, it can also lead to insomnia and anxiety. CBD-infused coffee helps offset these negatives. You’ll be able to enjoy multiple cups of coffee, without any jitters.

Additionally, the CBD properties that assist in weight loss can work hand-in-hand with those of coffee. That alone seems to be a good enough reason to add this coffee to your wellness routine.

BumbleZest CBD Tonic Water

You’ve heard it from your gym trainer, your nutritionist, and everyone in between. For weight loss to happen, you have to cut down on your sugar intake. You also have to stop consuming empty calories.

Put down the carbonated drinks — BumbleZest has you covered. Their CBD tonic water is sweetened with natural sugars like agave and maple syrup. It’s also a low-calorie way to get your fizzy drink fix!

Plus, it contains ginger and lemon juice, to boost your immune system while you’re at the gym.

Equilibrium CBD Gummy Bears 300mg

Your weight loss journey doesn’t mean you can’t have a snack or two! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, consider replacing your sugar-rich snacks with a packet of CBD gummies.

CBD gummies are a happy compromise between needing a sugary pick-me-up, and a healthy snack. The fat-browning properties of CBD, in a tasty, chewy package, make weight loss seem easy!

These CBD gummy bears from Equilibrium contain a whopping 10mg of CBD, per gummy bear. They contain all-natural colours and flavours, to keep both your tummy and your personal trainer, happy.

CannaWHEY Whey Protein CBD Drink

If you’re well into your weight loss journey, you’re probably already supplementing your diet with CBD protein supplements. Up your whey protein game with CBD-infused whey protein.

These packs of whey protein from CannaWHEY are infused with CBD to aid in muscle regeneration and help your weight loss process on its way. It’s available in four delicious flavours:

Each serving brings you 35mg of CBD and all its goodness. It’s the perfect gym buddy — before, during, and after the gym!

CBD and Weight Loss — It’s All About Balance

The first rule of weight loss is that it’s all about balance. Supplementing your lifestyle with proper exercise, cutting down on takeout dinners, and eating healthier at home plays a part in losing weight.

However, CBD can help. Whether it’s browning your fat cells, or aiding in muscle recovery, adding CBD to your diet can have endless benefits.

The extensive availability of CBD products means that you’re spoiled for choice! That being said, it’s important to research each product before deciding to add it to your diet.

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