What is CBD Tea?

Probably the thing that is continually astounding about CBD is simply how versatile it is. The cannabis plant, from which CBD comes from, was born to be malleable. If youve already dipped your toes into the CBD oil UK ocean then you already know just how much it’s capable off.

CBD oil can be used to improve your ageing skin, man, you can even vape it.   So sick of using your CBD vape pen? Well today were going to have a look at CBD tea.

Why tea though?

Tea has a long and storied history. It an ancient drink that you may know derives from Asia. Not for all the tea in China, as they say. They still say that right?

Though many people around the world these days prefer coffee, tea is still extremely popular in Europe. But did you know that it began as a medicinal drink before becoming a more recreational beverage?

So to find that things have circled back around for more medicinal purposes is hardly surprising.

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How to Drink CBD Tea?

Making your cup of CBD tea is just as straightforward as regular tea. A lot of people in the health and wellness community like to use CBD as a food supplement. It extremely straightforward to add CBD to your diet.

With CBD oils youll need to introduce a fatty element in order to get the CBD to dissolve correctly. In the case of tea, it necessary to add a splash of milk. This is the fatty element that will allow CBD to dissolve correctly.

Simply take your CBD and mix it with hot water and add a little milk. You could also use coconut oil or even a small piece of butter if milk isnt your thing. Just as long as there is a small amount of fat. And that it. Boom. No fuss at all, as you can see.

Ideally, youd want to let it steep for a couple of minutes after that. But some people prefer a weaker taste for their teas. Whichever you choose itll taste great and hopefully give you the boost you need.

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Does it Taste Okay?

Short answer – yes. But like a lot of things, it open to interpretation. I think raw squid is icky but there at least a whole country of people whod disagree with me (Im looking at you, Japan.)

Generally speaking, most people have reported that CBD tea has a pretty pleasant taste and won’t leave a poor after taste.  Naturally it depends on your own personal preferences. There is only one way to find out.

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