Who is Melissa Etheridge and Why is She Talking About CBD?

You might already be aware of Melissa Etheridge but if not here’s a quick rundown of her resume. She’s a Grammy award-winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, guitar player, and an activist in the LGBTQ community since coming out publicly in 1993. She was also diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and had to undergo a tough battle through chemotherapy and surgery. It was this last point that brought her to the world of CBD.

CBD Supplementing Cancer Treatment

In an interview with High Times, Melissa Etheridge recalled how following her chemotherapy sessions the doctor would hand her a steroid, a painkiller, and then more pills to counteract the effect of the first two. She realized that this wasn’t the way things should be for those undergoing cancer treatments.

Taking matters into her own hands Melissa Etheridge decided that instead of simply doing what the doctors were telling her she’d embrace medicinal marijuana. Following her recovery from breast cancer, Melissa Etheridge has been vocal in her support of the legalization of cannabis. She likens the struggle for LGBTQ rights to that of the struggle for cannabis legalization as both deal with what she views as human rights.

CBD Infused Wine

Though she has been advocating for the legal use of cannabis for nearly a decade now it has only been in recent times that she has started her own business. Using the flourishing cannabis base in California, Etheridge has built her knowledge of both cannabis, through dispensaries, and wine, through the abundant groves in the state. This has lead to the development of her business Etheridge Farms. It will provide cannabis products for California medical patients.

Top Five Celebrities Using CBD

Both cannabis and wine have been around for thousands of years so it was really only a matter of time before someone put the two of them together in a viable business. What’s interesting is that the wine and cannabis ferment together and the process yields a drink that doesn’t have all the psychoactive properties you’d expect. The non-psychoactive agent in cannabis is known as cannabidiol or CBD. In essence, the fermentation process turns the cannabinoids into an acidic form far less potent and psychoactive than that which you’d get through vaping or edibles. Many people still wonder what does CBD feel like because of it’s association with marijuana, but effects when combined with wine are unnoticeable.

Continued CBD Advocacy

These days the future of cannabis-legalization looks brighter than ever, with more countries and states continuing to legalize and lighten restrictions. This spells good news for the ganjapreneurs like Etheridge Farms and the other businesses that will likely pop up. Melissa Etheridge has found herself in a powerful position to deliver the good message about CBD, that it isn’t dangerous and should no longer be associated with the ne’er-do-wells of the world. It’s clear to anyone that CBD will continue to provide medicinal benefits for people for years.

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