Why You Should Use a Silicone Vaporizer Whip

Silicone Tubing
Silicone Tubing

Many vaporizers on the market today ship with PVC tubing for the whip component.

However, switching your PVC tubing for silicone can greatly enhance your vaporization experience. Ever since I purchased a length of silicone tubing to replace my Extreme Q’s PVC whip, it has become my go-to form of tubing for any whip style vaporizer.

Why Use Silicone?

Unlike PVC, medical-grade silicone is designed to be used in extreme temperatures, and is ideal for use in dealing with the high temperatures generated by vaporizing. Silicone also won’t absorb as much resin as PVC does (which can alter the taste of your herb), and provides a cleaner vapor flavor.

Silicone tubing is also much easier to clean, because unlike PVC it is safe to clean with rubbing (or high proof) alcohol. Simply soak the tubing in the alcohol for a few hours, then remove and dry well before use (you can then make iso hash with the leftover resin). Finally, silicone tubing is extremely flexible, allowing you to use longer lengths of tubing without it getting stuck or coiling up.


If you haven’t yet upgraded to silicone tubing, I highly recommend doing so. You’ll be shocked at the improvement.

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