Would You Try These Trendy London CBD-Fuelled Gym Classes?

CBD-Powered Exercise Class The Latest Craze In London & LA

A new gym class that combines deep stretches with CBD oil is grabbing the spotlight in London and Los Angeles.

A class at one of London trendiest gyms, Gymbox, involves “exercises and stretches akin to a yin yoga class, as well as mobility and meditation exercises”, done while wearing a CBD patch, which aims to make stretching easier by relaxing class participants.

It was only a matter of time before the city passion for CBD-infused everything found its way into gym class menus and it now a fixture at what Lonely Planet refers to as London most popular gym.

CBD-Assisted Stretching For The Sedentary

Blurb for the class shows it is clearly aimed at the more sedentary in society:

“Members are provided with a CBD patch to apply to their arms which delivers the natural, potent oil osmotic-ally into the body, providing anti-inflammatory relief to the wearer. This combined with the stretches and mobility exercises helps to relieve those niggly aches and pains that most desk workers experience.”

The Daily Mail Anna Maxted attended the class this week, as part of her column, and delivered a thumbs-up verdict.

“My impression is that the CBD patch may well have enhanced my ability to relax, and enabled me to sink into some challenging stretches…. Im impressed. This pleasing physical sensation of warm, deep relaxation lasts all day.”

The class promises to suit those who love strength training and cardio, but arent fans of yoga or Pilates.

How Hemp Can Help Your Yoga Routine

Why Have Gymbox Incorporated CBD Into Yoga Classes?

Firas Iskandarani, a master trainer at Gymbox, told Women Health magazine that Cannabliss is innately relaxing thanks to a combination of stretching, slow breaths and deep massage of areas such as the glutes and quads.

Iskandarani also mentioned an additional benefit, which will be of much interest to the hard-pressed London professional.

A lot of people tell me after doing this class: “I had the best night sleep of the week,” she says. “The breathing and the CBD patch catalyse everything and make the relaxation exercises work more effectively.

The Gymbox guru decided to introduce CBD patches in a new class after reading about its potential benefits for relaxation. “Because the patch’s effects last six hours, you get a longer experience,” he says.

“Cannabliss relaxes and eases all tension from both body and mind. With the effect of the CBD patches you enter a relaxed state which makes it easier to give in to the uncomfortable mobility work and go deeper into stretches to get rid of any tension. The feeling you get after class is a blissful mind-body connection.”

Los Angeles Leading The Way

If you think Cannabliss is an out-there concept, then look to LA where they always take things a step further.

The “Vino Vinyasa” workout (POSE + LEARN + SIP) involves drinking wine during the workout so imbibing while exercising is not new to California


The logical extension to this movement is “Stoned Yoga.” Created by Ashlee Langas, she says the combination of CBD and Yoga helps students decompress after a stressful day.

This workout begins with a social circle engaging in drinking CBD tea or even partaking in undiluted cannabis and conversation. CBD at the class can also be taken through tinctures, edibles or a glass of THC-infused wine.

And is the case with both workouts, you must be at least 21 to participate.

Will You Try CBD Yoga?

CBD is fast becoming mainstream largely thanks to the many businesses incorporating CBD products into their offerings. Many will see the addition of CBD to their food and exercise routines as nothing more than a quick passing fad. However, CBD has the potential to offer multiple benefits to the user. Whether or not CBD stays around for the long haul will be purely down to further research which supports users claims.


In the mean time, the best way to find out, is to try CBD for yourself. Only purchase CBD from a reputable supplier.

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