Zeus Arc GT Review

There is no dearth of dry herb vaporizers available in the market at a variety of price points. The Zeus Arc GT is the latest addition to the list of high-end weed vaporizers.

This weed vaporizer definitely deserves to share the throne with other top models as it is packed with awesome features that are hard to come by even in the other top dry herb vaporizers. One of the most unique things about this vaporizer is the vapour path, chamber and heat-sink covered with gold.

Like the pax 3 vaporizer, it also offers convenience, ease of use and magnificent quality. Keep reading this Zeus Arc GT review to know more about its impressive features and whether it should be your new favourite weed vaporizer.

What In The Box?

In the package, you will find a Zeus Arc vaporizer, USB cable, alcohol wipes, Q-tips and pipe cleaners. The Zeus Arc GT has its own unique set of accessories such as the Zeus Charge portable charger and Zeus Armor carrying case. Another available accessory is the Zeus Bolt grinder but the Zeus Vortex is another quality option for you to check out. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Zeus Arc Vaporizer Accessories

Key features

  • It has a motion-sensing accelerometer
  • The vapour path is gold plated
  • It gives haptic feedback
  • You can use dry herbs in it
  • The gold plated parts of the vaporizer help in keeping the vapour cool and pure


It is designed to be covert, travel-friendly and incredibly handsome. The vaporizer is around 3.5 inches tall with a depth that is less than an inch and breadth that is just under 2 inches.

It has been made from durable anodised aluminium that has a matte black finish which makes it the perfect stealth vaporizer. Even though the gold lettering on the surface offers some kind of flair the casual observers are unlikely to find anything special in it. Simply put, most people won’t be able to recognise it as a dry herb vaporizer.

The mouthpiece in this device comes in the form of a narrow slit sitting flush on the top of the device. This narrow slit might seem a weird choice as a mouthpiece, especially to people who are used to the extended mouthpieces but this is what makes it covert and portable.

The herb chamber is surrounded by a raised lip making it easy to load as it can be used for scooping up the herb. This design keeps the herb and your fingers separate.

As far as using this vaporizer is concerned, it is extremely easy to use just like the Smok vape pen 22. Just press down on the mouthpiece and it will switch on.

You then choose one of the heating cycles from 3 options. There are 3 horizontal LED lights in the front and these lights switch on indicating the active cycle.

These lights also indicate battery life. It has an inbuilt accelerometer and you just need to shake the device to get feedback on the battery life.

While lights are a great visual feature the presence of haptic feedback means that it will also vibrate when the heating is complete.

You do not need to keep a watch on it when it’s heating as the haptic feedback will make you aware of the completion of the heating process.

Zeus Arc GT

Another unique thing about this device is the multi-tool that gets attached to the base magnetically. This multi-tool has an inbuilt cleaning tool, a stirring tool and a packing tool.

It is an excellent tool but really small in size. This tool also acts as a USB port cover. When it’s time to charge up your device, you can attach this multi-tool safely to the magnetic mouthpiece. Some people might find the USB port at the bottom to be a design flaw as you can’t make the device stand upright when it’s charging.

Using It

The chamber has an extended lip around it that means you can scoop up the herb to fill the chamber.
You need to first remove the mouthpiece and that will expose the herb chamber.

You now need to scoop up some of the herb you want to vape into this chamber. Use the multi-tool to press it down.
Put on the mouthpiece again and turn on the device by pressing down on it.

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There are 3 heating cycles and you can switch between these by tapping on the mouthpiece.

Once the device heats up, it will vibrate and you will also get a visual cue in the form of lights turning green.
You can now start inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Performance and Vapour Quality

If you thought the addition of gold in this device was just a flashy gimmick, you were wrong. You get amazing, tasty and cool vapour from this device. If you want to see some amazing clouds, choose the highest temperature cycle and you will be more than impressed.

It is a conduction vaporizer and has a flat mouthpiece but it is still able to deliver tasty and good vapour which comes down to the presence of gold in this device. The covering of gold in the heating chamber helps in calibrating the temperature and the mouthpiece also has a gold heat-sink that keeps the vapour cool.

When it comes to the temperature cycles, it offers some interesting variations. These temperature variations are designed to give you a whole lot of vaping options. It also allows you to use the weed in the chamber over multiple sessions. I personally tried it and it just works. If your looking for something different to vape then check out our guide to ejmix UK.

For example, you can use this device at cycle 1 at the start of the day, choose cycle 2 with the remaining herb in the middle of the day and choose cycle 3 to finish it off at the end of the day. If you want, you also have the option of vaping all the herb at cycle 3.

As far as battery life is concerned, it offers a battery life of 90 minutes which means you’ll be able to use it for a really long time. In fact, casual vapers won’t need to recharge it for days.


Overall, this device has everything to join the other popular weed vapes at the top. It provides excellent vapour quality, ease of use and style. The unique gold parts give it an edge.

That gold lining enhances the flavour and also keeps the vapours cool. Don’t forget the premium features such as motion sensing and haptic feedback, and you have a device that should be in your pocket at all times.

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