What’s the Difference Between CBD Vape Juice and CBD Cartridges?

One of the most effective ways of taking CBD is vaping. By inhaling CBD through the lungs, it reaches your bloodstream faster and starts working quicker. Vaping is also considered safer than smoking, so it’s a popular option for people who want to start using CBD. When you vape CBD, you can use CBD vape juice or CBD cartridges, but you probably don’t know about either option if you’re just diving into the world of vaping. Keep reading to learn more about CBD vape juice and CBD cartridges for vaping:

CBD Vape Juice

cbd vape juice

CBD vape juice is also known as CBD vape oil or CBD e-liquid. These products are hemp-based extracts that are designed to be used with vape pens. Since regular CBD oil is too dense to be converted into vapor on its own, a carrier liquid is used during the extraction process. Most manufacturers use proline glycol or polyethylene glycol as the carrier, and regardless of which one you use, it creates a thin liquid that comes in pre-filled cartridges. This cartridge screws into a battery. When the vape pen is turned on, the battery heats up the liquid and turns it into a vapor for smoking.

CBD Cartridges

This may come as a surprise, but CBD cartridges are actually the containers that hold CBD vape juice. Cartridges are either prefilled or refillable, and if it is prefilled, it means you use it once and dispose of the cartridge. If it’s refillable, you can use the cartridge over and over again.

Differences Between CBD Vape Juice and Cartridges

Since you know what CBD vape juice is and what cartridges are, we can discuss the differences between these two products.


cbd vape pen

The main difference between these products is the potency of them. In most cases, CBD cartridges tend to be more potent than CBD vape juice because they contain a higher concentration of CBD per milliliter. People usually choose their dosage amount when they purchase vape juice or cartridges.


Another major difference between these products is the voltage needed to make them work. Vape juice requires powerful batteries to heat the liquid up so it’s ready for vaping. With cartridges, you don’t need high voltage for heating, and they are designed to use standard batteries. If you used high voltage batteries with cartridges, they would malfunction.


The cost of vape juice and cartridges vary depending on what brand you buy. However, vape juice is typically less expensive when compared to cartridges. Disposable cartridges must be replaced, requiring users to spend more money in the long run.

Ease of Use

cbd cartridge

Both cartridges and vape juice are user friendly, but cartridges may be more comfortable to use than vape juice for beginners. All you have to do is place the cartridge at the mouth and start using it, and then you dispose of the cartridge once it’s empty or refill the juice if it’s refillable. Vape juice is messier than cartridges because you have to refill it yourself, and if you fill it too full, you might sip juice instead of vaping.


In general, you have more of a variety of flavors with vape juice than cartridges. If you want to try a large variety of flavors for vaping, you probably want to use vape juice. Otherwise, you could use cartridges.

Now you know some of the key differences between CBD vape juice and CBD cartridges. Both are great options if you want to get into vaping CBD! Look through our CBD vaping products to pick one out for your needs!

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