Bouquet of Top Quality Delta 8 from 3Chi

3Chi is a pioneer in the cannabis industry that introduced Americans to Delta 8. Prior to this, the hemp scene was flooded by CBD products. While these are good by themselves, people were missing out on the lesser-known cannabinoids. Now every 3Chi near me offers a huge range of products. There’s something for everyone – ranging from highly effective concentrates and isolates to smooth vapes to the best edibles in the market.

The best part about 3Chi is that the company is firmly committed to producing high quality products that deliver supreme satisfaction to the consumers. This way they ensure that they provide nothing but the very best of cannabinoid-based products.

Looking Back

The company was founded in September 2019 by a biochemist with over two decades of experience in supplement formulation and research. After witnessing the healing powers of hemp firsthand, he worked on developing a way to extract pure Delta 8. This is a milder and safer variation of THC as compared to Delta 9.

Since then, 3Chi is focused on cannabinoid research and bringing minor cannabinoids to the market. Being pioneers in science-based cannabinoid products the company holds the distinction of being the first commercial developer of hemp-derived minor cannabinoid products like Delta 8, CBN and tailored cannabinoid blend products. It is also the first to offer a federally legal THC-dominant product in USA.

What’s in there?

3Chicreates the most potent, pure and effective products on the market by using nothing but the highest quality, natural and organic hemp coupled with industry-leading science and technology. All products are tested in-house as well as in third-party testing laboratories.

The product range is massive with a plethora of options in both THC and CBD variations to meet all kinds of medicinal and recreational needs.They are formulated as both concentrates and isolates apart from the standard oils, tinctures, edibles, vapes, dabs and more. Terpenes and focused blends are also available.

The options are not limited to 3Chi Delta 8 THC alone. There are legal dispensary grade Delta 9 THC products along with 3Chi HHC, THCO, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBT and Delta 10 THC too.

Apart from providing prolific options of unmatched products, 3Chi constantly advocates safe and responsible adult usage. Indeed, consumer safety stands above all else. This way, it ensures that cannabis serves to naturally benefit and uplift the core areas of life, that too, in the right manner.

The merchandise options – like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, flags, caps and glasses are interesting as well.

In sum, 3Chi is the leading CBN and Delta-8 distributor in the United States. However, their products can also be sourced from Element Earth CBD Shop – The Element of Wellness (

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