Why should you trust Ocho Delta 8?

Ocho Delta 8 or any delta 8 brand is high in demand with its popularity outbidding CBD sales for customers. In the past couple of years, the CBD craze leveraged through 2019, and Delta 8 vapes, tinctures, and gummies alongside CBD have gained a dedicated following.

What makes Delta 8 a better option

With marijuana being legalized in 16 US states, adults use legal cannabis for recreational purposes. However, physical pot shops are still uncommon in the US and maybe if the states relax their rules there could be future pot shops selling this recreational fantasy.

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is closely related to the psychoactive compound in cannabis and online selling is unrestricted. Through delta 8 is fully legal as it is a compound derived from hemp, the cannabinoid in the 2018 Farm Bill does not assert its legality.

Delta 8 users are highly satisfied with the results of the compound making them feel relaxed clear-headed and creative without ill effects like the paranoia that is a direct outfall of weed smoking.

The perfect balance in THC and CBD makes this compound so fetching. According to experts the half and three-quarters of the potency of Delta 9THC are present in delta 8. The THC potency is familiar to many, but lesser-known cannabinoids can be quite withering for some.

Though less potent delta 8 invokes a relaxed feel in users, it is identical to delta 9THC with a difference of one chemical bond. Both compounds activate the endocannabinoid system, the structural difference makes it bind differently and the effects, therefore, translate mildly on users. However, consumption of more delta 8 can cause a feeling of high in users, but those who have tried it feel that it is more controlled than the feeling they have experienced in THC. The milder effects of Delta 8 make it a perfect option for users to try cannabis both medicinally and for recreation purposes. The effects are close to therapeutic they say.

What do Ocho Extracts contain?

This is a legal delta 8 lab-tested extract that highly assures potency for the end-users.

The products are highly developed and only the best raw materials are included that ensures the quality and standard along with the safety measures are followed. The effects that delta 8 has on individuals after using an Ocho product are reduced anxiety, pain, and nausea.

The psychotropic effects are very close to that of Delta 9 THC, which is the primary THC in cannabis with less potency.

The reviews on the delta 8 vape pen from Ocho have been quite overwhelming. The product offers a soft feeling of uplifting, energetic, buzzy vibe.

The choices are many and the pricing too is affordable. Assembling the vape is simple as all the parts are in the kit.

Maintaining consistent quality, the extracts are blended where delta 8 contents 94% with THC and other strains of CBG, CBN, and CBD. The popular Indica strains of Master Kush extracts add a sharpened taste and smell and lend to the quality of the concentrate.

What should you know about D8 products?

The popularity of delta 8 THC products has reached a high, there are some cautions to maintain when it comes to Delta 8.

The Delta 8 products have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for safe use. The product is sold in online stores and there are concerns about addiction and variability of the product along with the THC concentration. The labels do not verify the quality of the product and simply state them to be hemp extracts.

This can be misleading for consumers who associate hemp with a non-psychoactive product.

The proliferation of the product is mostly marketed for therapeutic and medical use. This again is not approved by the FDA. Therefore, purchasing untested and unsustainable claims of medical efficiency can largely put consumer health at risk.

The product can be misleading and significantly threaten public health. In the past year, the FDA cited extreme delta 8 ingestion that caused vomiting and hallucination.

Those suffering found it hard to stand or maintain consciousness. Pediatric patients consuming Delta 8 unintentionally required hospitalization and intensive care.

Therefore, it must be ensured that the purchase of delta 8 THC is being made with adequate support and enough knowledge on the product and those below the age of 18 must never try this product even accidentally.

Some products have also reported similar psychoactive and intoxicating effects as Delta 9 THC.

During the production process, some companies use harmful chemicals to create concentration. Since the natural amount of delta 8 in THC is low additional chemicals are used to convert cannabinoids to hemp.

During the process of synthetic conversion, some manufacturers use potentially unsafe chemicals to change the color of the final product.

It can potentially harm the delta 8 compound quality leaving behind contaminants which when inhaled can be harmful for human consumption.


You should always remember to purchase Delta 8 products from very reliable companies such as Ocho Delta 8 vapes.

Before buying the product, you must ensure that enough review and literature is supporting the manufacturing process of the Delta 8 product.

A reliable online source that sells only authentic and fully tested Delta 8 products is Element Earth CBD, https://www.elementearthcbd.com/.

If both consumers and companies sell and purchase Delta 8 products with responsibility, they can experience the good reactions of delta 8 much better.

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