10 Days to Montana and Back

Montana view.

Ten days, one SUV, four adults, one baby, one dog. Nine hundred million gas station and fast food stops, two hotels, three thousand miles, one overstuffed car topped covered with bungee cords and a ripped plastic tarp.

Four days of BFF-couples woodsy cabin time, three miles of walking trails for the girls, nine games of Madden for the boys, 4 people x 10 days drive-through chai tea lattes, four+ hours of daily explore-around-and-be-amazed time, at leeeeast twenty thousand iPhone pictures.

Four pairs of hiking shoes, one mild hiking trail in Glacier National Park, an overwhelming number of breathtaking views, five false-alarm bear sightings, zero real bear sightings, not even close to enough cans of bear spray, seven hundred different times that my friends almost killed me for my paralyzing fear of bear attacks. SERIOUSLY THOUGH.

That’s about how this week was! Thanks for following along on Instagram – your comments and recommendations for experiencing the best of Montana made me want to hug your face. Youdabomb.

Just one more thing. MONTANA FOR LIFE.

Collage of vacation photos.

Places We Ate (and Luv-Ed)

(and what I ordered, because I just have to tell you)

The Palette Café in Columbia Falls (spinach bacon artichoke salad and pumpkin soup // I wanted to order the whole menu)
StormCastle in Bozeman (Mexican breakfast scramble)
Sir Scott’s Oasis in Manhattan (steak and shrimp)
Pescado Blanco in Whitefish (tacos verduras with butternut squash and mushrooms, and yes I could live the rest of my life on their chips and salsa)
Casey’s in Whitefish (black bean soup plus a goat cheese and beet salad)
Ciao Mambo in Whitefish (eggplant parmesan with homemade herbed ricotta that rocked my world)
Wheat Montana in a small town on our way somewhere (wheatberry chili with sausage)

Places We Visited (and Luv-Ed)

Flathead Lake
Glacier National Park
Hungry Horse Reservoir

Want to see more trip highlights? Check ’em out here!

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