10 Things I ♥ This Friday

Clarity Magazine

Clarity, The Magazine

As of last week when the first issue came out, I’m now a recipe and food photography magazine contributor! Yep. CLARITY is a new digital bi-monthly lifestyle magazine for photographers that will include a section in each issue by my very own self with a recipe and the behind-the-scenes kinds of things relating to food photography. Because those are the kinds of things I like. Did I mention that the magazine covers things like lighting, Lightroom and Photoshop, and making the world better through Photography + includes 9 videos and a 30-minute podcast? That’s a nice little deal if you ask me. Buy Now!


The Storyteller, The Book

Wow. What a read. After finishing this book this summer at the cabin (sorry to hold out on you this long), I felt this strong need to do something to honor and learn more about the victims of the Holocaust. My sister had also just read a book about the Holocaust so we decided to book a trip to Washington DC to visit the Holocaust museum this winter. Jodi Picoult has always been one of my favorite authors, and this is by far the best book of hers I’ve ever read on so many levels. Go girl.

Pinch of Yum's Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese

Fall-Ish Mac and Cheese, The Yums

I love when I remember old recipes and then become re-obsessed. Mac and Cheese. Cheesy butternut squash sauce. Salty bacon. Sweet apples. Caramelized Onions. I looove this one.

Woman holding hands with a young boy.

Carpe Season, The Blog

Go visit Carpe Season immediately. Seasonal recipes, pretty photos, hil-ar-ious Liz. This is the most fun blog and hey! Bjork and I got to meet the authors and blog-keeper-uppers Eric and Liz last week. They are just as smart, funny, and kind in person as they seem on their blog, plus they suggested that we meet at an Indian restaurant, which wins everything. It was so refreshing to meet them and I want you to keep their blog bookmarked. Expect great things.

A woman holding up an Opal apple.

Opal, The Apple

The golden, crispy, perfectly sweet Opal that is (in my mind) rival to the Honeycrisp. Okay, cool.

Several frames with pictures in them.

BirdieGoGo, The Etsy Seller

This is where I got my superfun distressed cream collage of frames for my photo wall of the kids from CSC. It’s not totally done yet and I’m planning to redo it after we move (perfectionist much?) but I’ve had so many people ask me about where I got those frames, so go check her out on Etsy if you like em.

A girl smiling while standing next to a purple heart with a message of justice, love, kindness and humility.

Word, The App

I just downloaded this a few weeks ago and I am enjoying it so much. Pktfuel designs these images based around scripture and then they are paired with short little devotional messages. You get a new one each day and you can’t skip ahead because they only release one a day, which somehow makes it more like a game and therefore makes me love it even more.

Quiet by Susan Cain: A New York Times Bestseller.

Quiet, The Book

The tagline here is “the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.” Nonfiction generally puts me to sleeeep, but you guys. This one is good. The irony here is that I could talk about this book for hours, and Bjork can confirm that. I find all the research about personality types and tendencies towards certain behavior so so interesting. What I’m learning has significant ramifications for how I teach, how I think about business, and how I understand the ways of my introverted husband since I’m more on the can’t-stop-talking end. Good brain food, peeps!

Peace chalkboard.

Sacred Made, The Shop

This is a place where you can buy pretty things to hang on your wall that will remind you of what’s important in this life. We have this little Peace print hanging on our bedroom wall and it’s so perfect. I really appreciate that the girls behind Sacred Made shop 1) create really sweet designs, and 2) care about people and the greater world. Go check out their site.

Road with homes.

Our New House, The Place

It’s tiny and old and foreclosed, on a perfectly cozy tree lined street, barely a block from one of our favorite lakes, and even though we’re not moved in yet we go “visit” it a few times each week. Currently we are doing home inspections and appraisals and all those other deep-house things that I politely ask Bjork to handle in exchange for some freshly baked cookies, but we are *hoping* that when that’s all said and done, we’ll be moving into the #yumsweethome in November. Yeah, I hashtagged it. There is a little bit of very mild renovation that needs to happen, so I’m seeing a few house posts in the p-o-y future!

Hope you all have a cozy fall weekend, because IT’S JUST SO COZY LATELY. I’m just finishing up with conferences aka the most strenuous week of my year so my weekend looks like sleep, eat, and repeat. Winning.

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