24-Hour Vacation

Is it just me or is my helmet always crooked?


Last weekend we did a 24-hour vacation/road trip to a little place called Moalboal. On motorcycle. If you really want to get to know your spouse, ride on a small motorcycle in the blazing hot sun with two fat backpacks for a few hours together.

Ok, I joke. I loved it.

For the record, this spontaneous thing is not my typical kind of vacation. Trip Advisor and travel research of any kind takes over my life at least 1 year prior to our actual travel dates. But the Philippines is teaching me how to be more fun.


Obviously, We Stopped For Food

We stopped along the way and bought hot bibingka from this sweet lady. It’s like a sticky, gummy kind of rice cake made with pounded sticky rice and coconut milk, wrapped up in a banana leaf. It’s cooked over a smoking pile/fire/oven that’s actually just dried coconut shells, burning. So it’s kind of normal and awesome if you get little pieces of burnt coconut shell sticking to your bibingka.


The further we got outside the city, the more we started to realize that this whole thing WAS AMAZING.


It was a refreshing, breathtaking, once in a lifetime drive. Except that we’ll probably try to go back, so maybe twice in a lifetime.


Then came the part where we had to actually find our little two-star resort. Safe to say it was a bit off the beaten path. There was one hand-painted sign with the name of our resort pointing us down this little road. Hmm. Do cars even drive back here?

This is also about the time I vowed I would never sit on a motorcycle again.


Off the beaten path got really awesome when we saw this peeking out through the curtains of our room. Wowsers.


And I don’t even know how I can explain anything more intensely, but the sunset? The one sunset that we saw in our 24 hours? OH.MY. Just absolutely no words.

  1. I love this place.
  2. Motorcycle. Period.
  3. I am ready to move out of the city forever.
  4. Spontaneous vacations aren’t all bad. But I still love Trip Advisor research.
  5. It’s the weekend! Have fun.

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