A Day in This Life

Cebu City, Philippines.

All In a Day’s Work

5:30 am – Go running. And by running, I mean dodging stray dogs, motorcycles, roosters, trash, and suspicious puddles on the main street through town for about 3 minutes before calling it quits.

6:00 am – Eat breakfast (today I had cold brown rice + cold oatmeal + milk and honey and it was delicious), shower, get ready, and above all else, avoid blowdrying hair.

6:55 am – Commute via Jeepney. It’s about a 30 second commute.


8:30 am – Start school.

Children of Hope School Students.

11:30 am – Lunch time. And thank goodness Jollibee delivers.

Jollibee - Chicken and Rice.

4:15 pm – Walk home. On the way home, make a pit stop for rice, produce, Oreos, and other essentials.

4:30 pm – Carry groceries home on a busy street full of people, ignoring comments made about my nose and ignoring the fact that every item of clothing on my body is saturated with sweat.

4:45 pm – Get home and bleach produce.

Bleaching Vegetables in a bowl.

(Sidenote on the bleaching: at the recommendation of other Americans living in Cebu as well as doctors back home in the States, we soak all fresh produce in a large bowl of water with a capful of bleach added to it. It sits for about 5 minutes and then it gets rinsed off with regular tap water. How this works is a mystery to me and I’d like to stop doing it because it’s ruined a few of my shirts. Plus it just seems weird. But then I heard about someone living in Cebu who got a nice fungus on his face from eating a mango straight from the market. So I think I’ll keep bleaching.)

6:00 pm – Dinner at home, dinner with the staff, dinner with visitors and adoptive parents, or kids’ birthday dinners (yes, they celebrate all 83 birthdays). I love dinner. I love food.

Birthday Party at Children's Shelter of Cebu.

7:00 pm – Refrigerated chocolate + blog stuff.

8:00 pm – Cuteoverload.com and other good uses of time.

9:00 pm – Skype time, phone time, I-wish-I-could-hug-you-through-the-computer time.

Skyping with friends.

10:00 pm – The nightly roach patrol. This particular fellow was making his home under our bed, so we do not take this lightly.

The process of finding and killing a cockroach.

10:15 pm – Go to bed and dream about being on this beach. Forever. The End.

Beautiful sand and ocean view.

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