Adventures in Seoul

Woman taking a photo of herself in a man's sunglasses.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 5 days of travel, it’s that I’m completely addicted to my iPhone. This becomes a major problem, a major crabbiness factor, and a major source of marital stress when my iPhone doesn’t have service OR WiFi. And my computer battery is dead. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

I am not a control freak. Really. Not.

Man standing on a sidewalk.

{taken 3 seconds before he was hugged/almost accidentally kissed by a friendly drunk man.}

Add to that a laundry list of travel mishaps:

almost missing our international flight as a result of poor ticket reading

discovering a singing Korean boot locked onto my suitcase upon arrival in Seoul

losing the water bottle cover for my brand new water bottle

going to wash my face and getting sprayed by the shower instead

realizing that there is no way for me to fix my wet hair because we don’t have an adapter

realizing that there is no way to contact the world with our battery-dead electronics because we don’t have an adapter

not being able to pick up even ONE spicy noodle with my chopsticks

watching Bjork scoop up heaping, spicy bites of noodles with.his.chopsticks.

and crying over my chopstick disability, in public.

Luckily all our battery things were dead so we did not get a picture of that.

Woman straightening her hair in a mirror.

{oh the joy of finally having a hot straightener in my hands.}

Here’s the other thing I’ve learned in the last 5 days of travel. A handful of M&M’s, a good night’s sleep, a few bottles of water, and a morning run around a royal palace (whaaa?!) can make me a new person. And guess what else? I haven’t had my iPhone at ALL over the last 2 days and I’m starting to breathe normally again. It might even be a little bit liberating.

Seoul Is Amazing

Seoul is a beautiful city and the people are polite, generous, and helpful. Our bed and breakfast is adorable and the food is different and yummy. Who needs an iPhone for that? (Well, me, but I’m training myself.) They also have a really amazing store that sells adapters. I love Seoul.

Food in a skillet.

{the English translator for the menu took the liberty of calling this pan fried rice.}

I know I’ve said it already, but thank you for your sweet words of encouragement during these transitions. In my darkest chopstick-depression moments, I can plunk down on my floor mattress, grab some garlic parmesan pretzel chips (no chopsticks required) and smile at all your comments and emails.

Love to you all!

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