August Coffee Date: Baby Edition!

A hand holding a hanger and a baby sweater is hanging on it.

Well, hi, friends! It’s the end of August (sob) and we meet again! ️

Today is a coffee date day, and since my life is almost all things baby right now, I think it makes sense for this to be an all-things-baby post. If you want to dive into that rabbit hole with me, you are in the right place.

Drinks of choice? Lately I’ve been mildly obsessed with coconut water and MEGA obsessed with lemonade. We’ve also had a few cooler weather days (WHAT! NOT READY!) and today it rained and I made a hot decaf coffee in the middle of the afternoon, jazzed up with half and half, agave, and – wait for it – a tiny pinch of salt. And it was all kinds of perfect. I know you don’t even believe me right now with the salt, but it’s so good. Try it and report back.

Grab your teas and coffees – iced or hot – and let’s do this.

Due Date

A pregnant woman looks at her phone.

One of the most common questions people ask is: could you please take more selfies in public bathrooms?

Just kidding. It’s: when is your due date? And that’s a fair question! But it’s also kind of complicated.

Technically, our due date is in early October. In reality, we will be delivering this baby in mid-September.

Because of how premature Afton was and all that happened during that time, we’ve known all along that a normal, non-surgical, 40-week delivery wasn’t going to happen with any future pregnancies. I don’t mean that we opted out – I mean that our high risk OB doctors said multiple times: under no circumstances is that a possibility for you.

So we’ll have an early c-section in mid-September, and even though it’s maybe not a first-choice type scenario, we are in the camp now where we consider having a living child to be the highest order of first-choice type scenario.

So the question of “when is your due date” is always kind of tricky to answer, but there you have it! We’ll call it mid-September. Our fall baby.

Thank you for your respect by not offering medical advice on this topic.

Nursery Tour

Modern changing table with decor.

Oooh, exciting! Except guess what? We don’t quite have a nursery! Hahaha.

We have a bassinet upstairs in our bedroom, and a changing table in my office. So she’s kinda got two half-nurseries. Does that count?

She’ll sleep in our room for a while, but to be honest, I don’t know what we’re going to do for sleeping arrangements after the first few months. We have a 1.5 story house – master bedroom upstairs, and regular bedrooms downstairs. And it’s really hard for me to imagine myself sleeping upstairs while she sleeps ALLLLL the way downstairs.

So… stay tuned on that. Maybe it’s time to consider moving. Building? Camping! Totally camping.

Do any of you have a baby sleeping on a different floor of the house? How’s that working for you?

Favorite Stuff

A chair and a bed near a window of a bedroom.

Keep in mind, this is stuff that we’ve purchased that I already love… without having an actual baby to test it out with. So we’ll plan a coffee date in a few months when I can give an actual recommendation for the real-world usage of these items.

WRBWB = Will Report Back With Baby!

we paid for all of these products! I’ve included affiliate links to the products on Amazon below!

1 – Snoo

In other words, we’ve fully drunk the Kool-aid. This electronicamajig bassinet plays white noise and gently jiggles the baby while she sleeps. It also responds to noise (like, a cry) with increasing levels of white noise and jiggles with the idea that it might be enough to comfort her back to sleep. After a minute or two of crying, it shuts off so you can take care of whatever baby needs. It is absolutely the most gorgeous bassinet I’ve ever seen, a complete splurge, and likely to bring out people’s opinions. Parents either swear by it or think it’s totally ridiculous. But we’re planning to try it, and I’m not gonna lie – I’m kind of excited. WRBWB!

Snoo link here!

2 – Crib

We almost didn’t get a crib! I literally just ordered it last week. We obviously would have bought one eventually, but a) we have the Snoo for now, and b) we don’t know where this little girl is going to be sleeping yet (our room? upstairs? downstairs? we don’t have the ideal modern family all-bedrooms-on-one-floor set up) and I didn’t want to buy a crib without knowing where we’d put it. But then I panicked and was like, WE NEED HER TO HAVE A CRIB. So we bought this mini crib which is perfect for our small house and hopefully can fit in a number of places in our house, giving us the flexibility to set her up wherever it feels right when the time comes.

Crib link here!

3 – Glider

You guys, I spent 900 years picking out a glider. I finally found one at Pottery Barn. I bought it. And then, because I am a complete flake about these things, I changed my mind. I called 10+ times to return it.

So I spent 900 more years picking a new one. I sat in at least 5,000 gliders. I finally found the one. I went to order it. I discovered that it was out of stock.

I went to a new store and said: I need a glider, like, now. And she said: We just got this floor model yesterday. If you like it, you can buy it.

Done. Sold. I bought a floor model glider. I don’t even know what brand it is. It’s comfy and looks decently decent. Goodbye.

4 – bouncer

Um, this is adorable. I saw it on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram and bought immediately. It is a thing of BEAUTY. It may or may not be practical but TBH it is working quite nicely as a  pregnancy foot rest for me right now.

Bouncer link here!

5 – Niche Nursing Pillow

I have nothing against the more commonly beloved Boppy, but I set one of these Niche pillows on my lap while testing gliders and fell in love. It feels a little heavier, and it’s shaped a little more square-like, so it gives more surface area on my lap, which I kind of like. WRBWB.

Niche pillow link here!

6 – Dresser / Changing Table

We got a super cute and long-term usable dresser from West Elm. If we never used it as a changing table, that’d be fine with me. I’d take this as a dresser any day. It’s so cute and it fits well in small bedrooms. Win win!

Changing table link here!

7 – Hatch Changing Pad

Hatch! It looks nice, it’s wipe-down-able, but also, most notably, it’s some kind of fancy baby scale that syncs to your phone via Bluetooth so you can be one of THOSE moms! Cool!

Hatch Baby Grow link here!

8 – Bumgenius Freetime Diapers

I am TBD on cloth diapering, okay? But I did buy a few Bumgenius Freetime cloth diapers to try it out, because they seem so idiot-proof that even I might be able to swing it. They are an all-in-one, meaning you don’t have any covers or liners to separate – you just wash the whole thing. That sounds about right.

bumGenius link here!

Any clother diaperers among us? Feel free to leave your advices!

9 – Uppababy Vista Stroller

I can’t even tell you how many times I went back and forth on the stroller decision. In the end, a recommendation from a friend pushed me over the edge and we got the UppaBaby Vista with the Mesa carseat. To be honest, I am very, very nervous about the fact that it doesn’t have a cupholder. Yes – of all the things I could be worried about, I have chosen to direct my energies towards the cupholder. This is like the Rolls Royce of strollers – why does it not have a cupholder?!?! But the ride seems smooth, and the leather handle is kind of beautiful to hold on to, and it snaps in and out with a bassinet, carseat, and toddler seat like no problem. WRBWB.

Uppababy link here!

10 – Mori sleepers

I bought a few sleepers from this company in the UK, because Instagram ads work on me, okay? And they are so soft and so adorable and so understated in design, and I could not love them more. There are a decent number of snaps on them, so maybe that’s a bad idea? but again, WRBWB.

Mori sleepers link here!

What’s your favorite baby stuff? Books, gear, clothes, nursing supplies, carriers, diaper bags, etc.?

Links and recommendations welcome! I can’t wait to hear!

Maternity Photos

Lindsay at 34 weeks.

Maternity photos! Are they worth it? Or not worth it? Or just plain weird?

We had a team photo shoot a few months ago, and the lovely Gina, who took our photos, offered to sneak a few extras of Bjork and I in so that we could get some early bump shots! So we have a few already from about 20-ish weeks. But I’m kind of wondering if I should take another round of photos now that it’s getting closer to the end… or if I should just let it be and stick with the photos on my phone. I’ve been pretty on the ball about taking weekly bump pictures so we definitely have a few to look back on, but I also wonder if I’ll regret not having more “official” photos of me/Bjork/Sage/baby before she is born.

What do you guys think? Did you take maternity photos? Are you glad you did or didn’t?

Anxiety Management

A home office a personal computer, table-chair and window next to it.

A) As mentioned, bouncer as a foot rest. Just normal stuff over here.

B) Not surprisingly, this pregnancy has been an anxious one. I wrote a lot about my pregnancy with Afton here on the blog (first trimester, second trimester, fourth trimester) but I’ve had a much harder time doing the same for this pregnancy because I’m so worried that something will go wrong. Even now, at 34 weeks, I worry. My first and last waking thought every day is about her movements – are there enough of them? does she feel okay? is she still alive?

So yes, I’ve been anxious. Here are some of the things that have helped me with my anxiety during these last eight months.

  • Counseling. I have a counselor that I’ve been seeing for a few years now and she’s wonderful and it’s really helpful to process through all my emotions and behaviors and patterns of thinking with someone who knows what she’s talking about.
  • Support groups. I have gone to a bi-weekly group for the last 20+ months. Like, almost two years. We have a group at our hospital that is for pregnancy and infant loss, and another group that is for pregnancy after loss. I have gone to both.
  • Loss Mom Friends. I met a group of friends through another loss group, and we text each other and get together regularly. They just get it.
  • No Googling. Right now, for me, medical Googling is a HARD NO. Bjork can Google for me, or I can call my doctor. Those are my two options. I broke this rule last week and it sent me into an anxiety tailspin and I ended up in the hospital “just to make sure” three times in five days. HARD NO, Linds. Hard no.
  • Supportive Medical Team. My doctors and nurses know our history, and if they don’t, I try to tell them right away. They are understanding and encourage us to come in anytime, even if it seems silly. Which it usually does, and nonetheless, we usually do.
  • Relying on Facts. When things seem really bad, I have to ask myself, “What are the facts?” And usually the actual facts are not as bad as the worst case scenario that has taken hold in my brain. A follow up to this is the reminder that THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS. Just because you think it doesn’t mean that it’s real.

What do you do to keep anxiety in check, pregnancy-related or otherwise?

Thinking About Afton

Trees and plants surrounding a serene lake during sunset.

We did a hospital tour (private, at the recommendation of the support group leader), and as soon as the nursing care coordinator walked us into the postpartum room, both Bjork and I started immediately swallowing back tears. Being back in a hospital room felt like touching a raw nerve.

I remember this, my brain said.

I remember that menu that I ordered oatmeal from that morning. That white board where they wrote our baby’s name. The kitchenette fridge that held the food that I couldn’t ever bring myself to eat. The monitors that showed our baby moving for the last time. Even being at a different hospital, in a different room, it brought us right back. And it was really, really sad.

It’s important for me to tell you that I don’t feel sad all the time. I feel so much less fragile than I was a year ago. And I am so, so excited to meet this baby girl.

But there’s no separating the emotions of losing our first and gaining our second. His story is part of hers, and hers is part of his. Our goal is to let that be okay – to remove “should” from our vocabulary and just let this new chapter be what it is, whether that’s sad, or happy, or a little of both.

Maternity Leave

A dog lying on its back on a couch.

(This picture implies that this is what I’ll be doing on maternity leave, and, uh, NOT SO MUCH, but I just needed you to have this photo for obvious reasons.)

I mentioned this briefly on the last coffee date, but it’s probably worth mentioning again: I’m taking a maternity leave when the baby is born!

Here’s the plan:

  • I’ll be taking 12 weeks off, starting mid-September.
  • You’ll be seeing some scheduled content going out during that time, so the blog won’t be completely quiet, but it also won’t be the same as normal. And that’s okay! The blog is a living, breathing thing to me. There is a flow to it that reflects its authenticity – some high intensity seasons, and some slower paced ones. This will be a season to focus on recovery, self care, and family care.
  • I’ll be back in January! Well, technically December, but I’ll be getting stuff ready for Sugar Free January. You’ll probably start to see things pick back up just in time for 2019.

I am planning to let you guys know  with a post here on the blog when baby makes her arrival, and you can always follow along on my personal Instagram account which is @lindsaymostrom.

And of course, you should definitely be following the @pinchofyum Instagram account which will have plenty of juicy, delicious content going out all throughout my maternity leave!

Now, a word from a random dog in Minneapolis, who I happened to spot on my way home from the studio the other day.

Large dog looking out a car window.

He wants you to know that YOU GOT THIS. You should not be bothered by anything in the world right now – just look at him and learn his ways. That frustrating thing / person / event / situation? Let it go. Take a ride and Let. It. All. Go. And maybe stop at McDonald’s on your way home from work, and hang both arms out of your car window, and then get yourself a chocolate shake with whipped cream on top. Like, why are they so good. WHY. HOW. Or maybe some questions are best left unanswered.

Sage will be back in the future with more words of wisdom, but, uh, for this month she is very busy napping? Okay? So thanks for your understanding.

Reminder: I love your comments. When it comes to comment etiquette for something as personal as baby-related things, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: How would I say this in person, face to face? Is this comment conversational in nature, or more of a personal critique? Do I have a personal story or experience I can share that adds value rather than offering unsolicited advice?

As always, thank you for your conversational, personal, interesting, and thoughtful comments! These posts (and your comments!) are some of my favorite. ♡

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