Babies and Things

Happy Monday!

Reasons To Be Happy It’s Monday

Before you throw a pie at my face, there are three reasons this Monday actually is happy. Number one: baby time. It may appear that baby time is little happier for me than it is for cutie pie, but in our hearts we love each other. L-O-V-E.

Lindsay holding a baby at CSC.

Number two: it’s a holiday in the Philippines and I heart sleeping in.

Number three: As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, or we could be broke. Happy listening.

Another thing.

Children wearing glasses.

Lion Glasses, front left, is all mine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon. One-on-one teaching has never been so exhilarating.

And then there’s math.

Young girl writing in a workbook.

I don’t know how it’s possible to look gorgeous/pleasant while working on math out of a textbook, but she does it and she does it well.

Another thing.

Sometimes we get tired of textbooks so we do candy math.

Two young girls working with candy.

Fractions, counting, sharing… candy is the best kind of learning.

And now, moving from babies and kids to my husband and his recipe video thing.

This recipe video thing that we’ll show you on Wednesday (yum) is also what caused me to break out in heat rash. Glam.

Man taking photos with a camera and a tripod.

Also, there is no good explanation for the socks.

Another thing.

My Jeepney commute has morphed into a more air conditioned, more scenic taxi ride. I’m a wimp.

Beautiful view of mountains.

And that’s my view from the taxi, because I work in the gorgeous mountains.

Last thing.

Tim Tam.

If Tim Tam were a person, I would wrap him up and hug him forever.

PS. Have you had a Tim Tam Slam? The kind where you bite off each end and suck coffee through the Tim Tam like a straw so it’s deliciously melty when you eat it?

Make it happen today.

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