Baby Solvi

A baby in striped pajamas stretches out.

Introducing Our Newest Little Yummer

Baby girl Solvi Afton Ostrom was born last week, one day ahead of schedule. Bjork and I went out to eat (a one-last-date-night kinda thing) and – surprise! I started having regular, 5-minute-apart contractions. So we left half our meal on the table – sad – and drove straight to the hospital. Because of my medical history, we’ve known all along that it was too risky for me to go into labor. The doctor came into our room at midnight and said, “Well guys, are you ready to meet your baby tonight?” and we knew this was it.

Our house wasn’t ready, our work projects weren’t done, our bags weren’t packed, but our hearts were so there. ♡

After 36 weeks and 6 days of waiting, after lots of tears and sleepless nights and hope and prayers, at 4:52am, our baby girl was placed in our arms.

Solvi wearing a pink striped shirt and a hat with a bow on it.

She was 19.5 inches long and weighed a solid 6lbs 15oz.

And we’ve since learned that she is sweet, fairly quiet for now, and an avid eater (genetic, I’m pretty sure). She has a half-full head of dark hair and the cutest little puckery lips and fingers that curl perfectly around ours.

An infant baby laying on its back with its feet up in the air.
A man wearing glasses in a grayish blue shirt looking down on a tiny baby he is holding.

Solvi (sole-vee) is a Norwegian/Scandinavian name that means strength of the sun.

And we chose Afton as a middle name so that Solvi would have a little piece of her brother to carry with her out into the world.

A mother playing with her baby which is lying on its back.
Solvi and Lindsay.

Bjork, Solvi, Sage, and I are all back at home now and we are all doing really well.

I knew we would love her so much, but I didn’t have any idea how happy I would be just holding her and looking at her. I could (and probably will) fill every one of the next three months of maternity leave with exactly that.

Solvi yawning in the bassinet.

Sending so much love to all of you! Enjoy the fall season, and the yummy content we have scheduled, and some really awesome freezer meals, and I will see you again in a few months.


(I am not planning to post any baby/life updates on the blog during this time, but I do share the day-to-day stuff more regularly on my Instagram and would love to see you there, too!)

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