Boat on the beach.

This weekend we went to the beach and it became my favorite place in the world.

I’ve kind of been overloading you with pictures of kids, snack foods, and dirty crowded streets, but I am dying to show you some more pictures of another side of the Philippines: the beach.

Because it’s really, really beautiful.

The highlights were big blue sky and sweet, clean air,

Beautiful beach shore.

low tide explorations,

Three collage images of the beach.

phenomenal colors and hermit crabs and shoreline adventures (see that pink pinhole speck at the very end of the rock wall? that’s me almost killing myself on a solo beach climb),

Collage of four images at the beach.

cute husbands,

Man on a beach.

magic hour photos,

Sunset at the beach.

and calm. Isn’t calm amazing?

Sunset on the beach.

Also noteworthy – in honor of calm, I didn’t bring my computer and turned my phone off for a full 24 hours {gasp}. No tweeting, no facebooking, no blog-checking, and no instagramming.

The verdict? I need to do that more often.

And I generally need to go to the beach more often.

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