California Meets Minnesota

Water covered in snow.

For the last five days, I’ve been ice-jumping, photographing, and eating my way around the state of Minnesota with our California friends!

Let’s introduce –> Brad and Kirstin are friends that we met in Cebu (yeah, like Cebu City in the Philippines) because they were living and serving there during the same time that we were. Ironically, last year at this exact same time we were doing a similar little trip but on motorcycle and in the tropics of the Philippines. Oh, the memories! and the sweat. In Cebu, they worked with a few really amazing organizations (one of them being an incredible at-risk maternity clinic called Glory Reborn) but they were also connected with the kids and people at our favorite place, CSC, because of their love and energy for the kidsters + their ability to make awesome videos.

They came to Minnesota with a double-purpose: a) to visit their favorite Minnesota people *grins* and b) to attend the CSC annual fundraising banquet!

Since returning to the Bay Area, they have now launched their own non-profit and wedding videography ditty called Love In Transit as a way to connect their love for video, people, and really important work happening around the world. I just LOVE seeing people start things like this, especially my friendz! Two thumbs up for passionate living.

So that turned into sort of a brag-on-your-friends thing there, but they are really cool. And now they’re probably really cool as in cold, because we just drove them all around the state of Minnesota and showed them what this state is all about. Here are some pictures of the last five days!

Man and woman taking photos of a lake.

People sitting at a table eating.People on a lake shore.

Wooden door.

Man and woman on a small cliff.

Reflection of a woman in a pond.

People looking at the forest.

Man and woman sitting on some rocks.


Table of food.

Person and reflection in a lake.

Table with food.

Man and woman eating burgers.

Lake shore.

Man jumping on a bridge.

People at a baseball game.

People around a table eating.

People sitting around tables.

McAuleys in Minnesota reflections.

Final comment – much of our extended weekend was spent talking about, looking at, and making these things called Stellers. Or maybe Steller stories. I don’t know, it’s too new for me to really give them an official name.

If you download the Steller app and search for Pinch of Yum, you’ll be able to see my Steller story with pics and video as well as the ones I’ve shared from Brad and Kirstin. Plus hundreds of other inspiring little story-slideshows from other users all over the world. Perfect inspiring little time waster for your afternoon! GO.

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