Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole

Sofritas casserole with avocado and black beans on a plate with a fork.

Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole = stringy cheese and soft corn tortillas and saucy tofu, oh my. ♡

This is the most delicious basic food of my dreams.

–> Remember how I am a food blogger and then I did a snap story about how I eat frozen foods sometimes?

Are you mad about it? Or are you thinking that you might need to try some Amy’s Organic Tortilla Casserole, too? Please tell me you’ve had it. I feel like you have because we generally land on the same page with these things.

*MOST* frozen food is neither good-tasting or good for you, so let’s just get that out of the way right from the start. I get it, I know. I’ve tried a few new brands lately that were so bad that I had to just throw the food straight in the garbage, which hurts my heart in a big way, but wow. Some of this stuff is scary-gross.

But for the stuff that DOES taste good and IS actually decently good for you all things considered, I think you know how it goes. These meals become a complete go-to when the going gets rough. “Going gets rough” can be defined as coming home from 10 days abroad to an almost-empty fridge (hiii my life right now) or it can mean that life is life and the Bachelor is on and the actual food that you bought to actually make an actual recipe – IT’S ALL JUST TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW, MAN.

Sofritas Tofu in a bowl with a spoon.
Sofritas casserole in a dish with a wooden spoon.
Sofritas casserole close up.

I think you get it. Sometimes it just becomes necessary to have your food (for example, Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole) already made, already delicious, ready to love you right where you are. On the couch. In your sweats.

I do have a life, tho.

Let’s talk about something redeeming, like the fact that this is a take on one of my favorite frozen meals (Amy’s Organic Tortilla Casserole!!!) but homemade. Winning! Winning big time. This is real, feel-good, easy HOMEMADE frozen food. I mean, you don’t have to freeze it, but WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

I stuck this in the freezer before we boarded a plane to the Philippines for ten days, and guess what? We got home yesterday and I walked into the kitchen, reached into the freezer, pulled this little guy right out, and popped it in the fridge to thaw. So with little to no groceries and zero work on my part, we get to eat nutritious, cozy HOMEMADE food even when we’re bone-tired from 30+ hours of travel. Life is just beautiful sometimes, isn’t it?

You can add or subtract things from this as you like – I like to have it with the usual suspects, including but not limited to a side of black beans and a few slices (or five hundred) of avocado on top. If I were feeling really on top of my game, I would absolutely make Magic Green Sauce for topping. I mean, literal goosebumps right now. That spicy-cool combo is MIND BLOWING.

Sofritas casserole with avocado and black beans on a plate with a fork.

Fiery enchilada sauce, chipotle sofritas tofu, piles of soft corn tortilla strips, and our one and only CHEESE. Seriously, though. You need to get going.

Sofritas Casserole on a plate with black beans and avocado.

Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole


Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole – easy recipe made from scratch that makes a perfect freezer meal! sofritas tofu, chipotle enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, and cheese FOR THE WIN! vegetarian.


  • 1 batch Blender enchilada sauce + a pinch of extra salt and 2-3 chipotle peppers
  • 16 ounces tofu
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 20 4-inch round corn tortillas, cut into thin strips
  • 3 cups cheese (I used half crumbled Cotjia cheese and half shredded Mozzarella)
  • cilantro, avocado, black beans for serving
  • Magic Green Sauce for serving


  1. Make the enchilada sauce. Place in a saucepan and simmer over low heat while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Make sure to taste and season with salt – you want this sauce to hold a lot of flavor.
  2. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Press the excess moisture from the tofu. Heat the oil in a large skillet and add the tofu to the pan, crumbling it as you pan-fry it so it ends up in small pieces. Add 1-2 cups of sauce to the skillet and simmer for 10-ish minutes, to really get things browned and delicious. Taste / season generously with salt.
  3. In a greased 9×13 pan, layer the tortillas, tofu, sauce, and cheese (I did three layers, ending with cheese on top). Cover with greased foil and bake for 20-30 minutes until everything is bubbly and delicious. Remove the foil if you want the cheese to get a little browned at the end of the baking time. Serve with black beans and avocado and every other delicious topping you like!


This freezes really well! Make everything as directed and then pop it in the freezer before baking (and then thaw and bake as directed when you’re ready to eat it).

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: Mexican-Inspired

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