Come Have a Look Around: Workshop Edition

Two smoothie bowls with berries.

You guys! It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a blog post.

It hasn’t been forever, obviously – it’s only been one week since I last checked in. But a week has felt long. And it feels good to mentally be back in this internet space, sitting on the couch with my fingers flying across the keyboard of my laptop between frequent PLEASE PET ME interruptions from Sage, checking back in with you (how are you guys doing?) and letting you know a little bit about what’s been going on at the studio in recent days.

This will either become a new series (ideas are running laps around my brain right now) or it might become just a single post with a fun and unusual title, but either way  – I’m calling today’s post COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Workshop Edition.

For the record, and just to get this out of the idea zone and onto virtual paper, wouldn’t it be fun to do COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Studio Edition, COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Kitchen Edition, COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Home Edition (just give me five years to clean up and organize real quick), and maybe COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Garden Edition? except I didn’t do a garden this year because, just, I don’t know, I don’t even have a good excuse. Garden Edition is next year.

Okay but today! Today is COME HAVE A LOOK AROUND: Workshop Edition.

Woman standing on a step ladder arranging food for a photo.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.

We’ve had a great run of summer workshops this year. In the months of June and July, we had 40+ people including workshop attendees and volunteers make their way to our little P-O-Y studio in Minneapolis from all over the United States and Canada.

AMAZING, right? It’s seriously the coolest to have the chance to bring people together for something as strange and wonderful as FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. –> What is life, what is life, what is life. I ask myself this almost every day.

We have had a really good time. And by really good time, I mean we’ve talked and laughed, we’ve practiced with our cameras, we’ve taken lots of pictures, and we’ve eaten a lot of deliciously delicate fried tofu and citrus-saucy broccoli salad with goji berries and other pretend-to-be-fancy things.

Hands holding a bowl of food.

Now that summer workshops are done, I should tell you: JUST YESTERDAY we opened registration for our fall workshops! We have two happening in September and you can find the registration information right here. 


If food photography is your thing – or you want to make it your thing – we would be so super excited to have you visit us in studio this September for a workshop.

Also worth noting –> fall in Minneapolis is… I mean, I’m biased, but it’s epic. It’s really hard for me to imagine a place that does fall colors, fall temps, and the whole scarves-and-boots-and-hot-coffees-to-go vibe better than our little Minnesota-nice city.

So there it is. That’s all I really needed to say today!

Now: come on in and have a look around.

Woman styling a smoothie bowl on a napkin.
Cake stand with muffins on a table.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.
Hands holding a box lunch with a salad and a sandwich.
Woman looking at a camera in front of a table with food.
Hands styling a bowl of granola and fruit to take a photo.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.
Hand holding a sandwich with lettuce and meat.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.
Woman taking a photo of a bowl and a glass filled with coffee.
Bowl of granola and fruit on a table with a camera.

We are so well-fed and well-supplied during the workshops, it’s almost just ridiculous.

From mind-blowing broccoli tofu salad (and I literally mean MIND-BLOWING) to next level, saucy, herb-loaded, stacked turkey sandwiches to a Seven Sundays muesli styling bar breakfast complete with berries and toasted coconut and almond milk, we are not lacking in the food department.

We also get lots of our photography backgrounds from the one and only dynamic duo behind Erickson Wood Works, and this round of workshops we were able to do a giveaway for some very adorable Hanselmann Pottery.

So all in all, an AMAZING group of businesses and brands that we are proud to have as sponsors.

Thanks to everyone who came out for a summer workshop! WE ♡ YOU.

Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops women making silly faces.
Pinch of Yum Food Photography Workshops.

For more information about upcoming available workshops, check out the registration page.



Women working with cameras.

Spring 2016

Pancakes with berries and powdered sugar.

Winter 2015

Woman holding a chalkboard sign.

Fall 2015

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