Coming Soon: The Soup Series

Teaser photo of a steaming bowl of soup to kick off the soup series!

Please raise your hand if you are ready for any of the following:

  • Sweaters
  • Candles
  • Cozy blankets
  • Fall colors
  • Open windows and cool breezes
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Big soup pots gently simmering on the stove
  • Hands wrapped around warm bowls of your favorite soup

If your hand is in the air and your heart is locked into this vibe, then I have the fall series for you.

The Soup Series is making its way to your internets in just ONE SHORT WEEK! ️

What Is The Soup Series?

The Soup Series is a collection of 14 soup recipes (11 of which are totally brand new and awesome!) that we will be sharing through the month of October.

The first recipe of the series drops on September 27th which is, like, next week already.

You can just check back if you’re good at remembering, but better yet: sign up for emails below so you don’t miss any of our new soup recipes because – poof – they will just land in your inbox.

Why Is Soup So Wonderful?

A.B.M.S. – always be makin’ soup. That’s my motto this fall. Well, soup and bready, dunky, delicious sides that you’ll want need for your cozy meal.

As a lifelong Minnesotan, soup is just one of those foods that I’m happy to have on repeat, makes me look forward to lunch leftovers, and is just so warm-your-heart-and-body cozy and comforting. I make soup at least once if not twice every week in the fall and winter. So yes… I do love soup.

Sure, you could definitely spend your fall days raking, hauling the last of your summer remnants to your garages and basements, cleaning the house, etc.

But you could also get a big ol’ pot of hearty hugs-in-bowls simmering with warm, fresh, homemade bread in the oven (yes, you can!) and just really drink in everything that makes fall such a feel-good time of year.

This series was a labor of love from me (YES I WILL SACRIFICIALLY EAT ALL THE SOUPS!) but it was also worked on by so many people on our team. I developed all the recipes, and Krista helped me make and test them, and Ashley was on photography, and Emily on video, and Rita on writing, and Jenna and Eman and Kailey have been making sure all the little details come together to make everything really awesome for this series.

It’s been such a team effort and I hope you absolutely love these recipes.

What Kind Of Recipes Can I Look Forward To?

This collection includes soups, stews, and chilis and I can’t wait for these to get in front of you and in your real life kitchens! I’m kind of obsessed with the flavor bomb corn fritter topping situation on the sopa tarasca. I have made the country chicken stew approximately 100 times. The peppery torn croutons are impossible to quit. And I can’t stop crushing on the coconut soup and have been known to drink it straight from the bowl.

They are REALLY good.

These recipes will have:

  • Easy-to-find ingredients
  • Big flavors
  • Lots of veggies and feel-good ingredients
  • So much warmth and yum for your kitchens

When and Where Do I Find The Recipes?

The Soup Series kicks off on Monday, September 27th.

We’ll be sharing new recipes here on the blog every week throughout the 4-week series.

Ways you can access the recipes:

  • Sign up below for emails so you don’t miss new recipes!
  • Follow on social media! We will be sharing our new recipes on Facebook and Instagram, and I will make all the new recipes in a little behind the scenes video on Instagram Stories!
  • Just check back on the blog every couple of days to see what’s new!

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