Europe or Bust

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The number of firsts happening here is all a little mind-bendy.

This is my…

first: time writing a post while connected to the internet from an airplane – like literally from the sky. As in right at this very second I’m literally IN THE SKY. We’re so living in the future.

first: time writing a post from my iphone! WHAT! I feel so modern and sneaky. mobile all the way.

first: big trip where I’ve left both my laptop and my DSLR camera at home. You don’t even understand. My carry on feels like a dreamy soft pillow – light and free and yayyyy. Thank you iPhone 7 plus for being a phone, camera, and computer.

and most importantly, first: time traveling to Europe with my bae!

Europe or Bust

Bjork and I are taking the next two weeks to do one of the things we’ve always said we wanted to do but just never took the time to do because life: traveling through Europe.

That little thing called a DUE DATE? BB’s puttin some legit time pressure on those bucket list items. In, like, three seconds there is going to be a huge belly on the scene and then diapers and nurseries and books and school and OMG it’s going to be so great. ️

But let’s just go to Europe real quick first.

Europe or bust

Our itinerary includes a Viking River Cruise through the southern part of France as well as some off-road adventuring through Switzerland and Germany. We’ll be back in business again in early December, which means we have exactly two weeks dedicated to travel and adventure and bucket-listing.

Since things will be pretty quiet around here for the next week or two, you can catch our Europe updates on my brand new personal Insta account creatively titled @lindsaymostrom. And I’m doing plenty of daily stories from my regular Pinch of Yum insta account.

I hope you all had a great long holiday (those who are in the US) and I’ll see you lovers in two weeks!

Europe or Bust

Also! if you have recommendations for things to eat and do in Lucerne or Munich or the places in between (we’ll have a rental car and a decent amount of flexibility), please share! The recs we’ve gotten on instagram for Lyon have been 100% fabulous. 🇫🇷

Europe or bust!

More Europe pics! Here we go.

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