Family Vacation

Woman looking at a wall.

Last week I told you we had been off the grid.

People near an ocean.

But this week, with Bjork’s parents still visiting, we were REALLY off the grid. Like, take a ferry to a different island and brave a muddy pot-holed road over the ocean to get to another tiny island and finally land at a ma-and-pa beach resort out in the middle of nowhere.

It was a clean-air, blue skied, quiet ocean paradise.

Sunset over the ocean.

We explored at low tide with morning coffee in hand.

Man on an ocean shore.

We cruised on rivers.

River view.

We snorkeled, which for some of us meant hyperventilated/drowned. Could you guys hear my panicked breathing from the other side of the world? Because I am incapable of being relaxed while trying to breathe underwater. And the ocean creatures. Shudder.

I do kind of love it, but I almost die every time.

Two men in the water snorkeling.

We saw the sights of the island, including geckos…

Man on a ledge overlooking some trees.

and the oldest church in the Philippines, where I was given two lovely shawls to cover my bare arms and legs before entering the sanctuary. It was the real deal.

Woman smiling.

We ate heaping plates of calamares and drank Coke in a bottle. Always a highlight for us Minnesota folk.

Black and white photos of people sitting at a table.

We had late-night talks until, oh, I dunno, 9pm. Is that late-night? I loved the slow, easy conversations followed by an early bed time. I think I might be middle aged.

Black and white photo outside.

We had lots of great food (did I say that already?) and took lots of pictures.

People looking out at the ocean.

We experienced the Filipino countryside. Rice fields, free-wandering animals, and kids running around with wheels and sticks.

It was enchanting.

Young boy playing near a field.

And most importantly, my sweet and generous mother, father, and brother-in-law spent time getting to know the kids at the shelter.

Woman teaching children.

They were kind of a big deal around here.

Man holding a child.

Income report tomorrow (see more reports here), and then should we do chocolate or vegan lasagna next?

…Because apparently I’m both addicted to chocolate and an occasional vegan.  I don’t know how you guys deal with all my nonsense.

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