February Coffee Date

An inspirational sign, showing birds at the shore, expresses the need for love and a sunset.

Sometimes it’s nice to just chat, right? It’s the end of the month (SCREAM how did that happen) and I’m feeling a chat day. It’s our February coffee date!

I’m drinking a Royal Tea Latte that I did not make at home because no matter how many times I ask at Sencha, they won’t tell me how they make it, which means that I am destined to continue to going there day after day, spending my money on this creamy miracle of a drink.

What are you drinking? Coffee? Matcha? Hot chocolate? Or maybe that yummy turmeric ginger tea from Trader Joe’s? Have you tried that?

Alright, coffee date. So here’s what’s up.

Eyelash Extensions

Help! I got eyelash extensions for the first time ever and now I am about to lose all my money. They are amazing.

Before / After:

Before and after eyelash extensions.


  • The actual appointment took forever. It seems really awesome to lay on your back, totally still, with your eyes closed for 2+ hours… until you actually try to lay on your back, totally still, with your eyes closed for 2+ hours at which time you realize HELLO THIS IS ACTUALLY KINDA HARD.
  • It is the equivalent of throwing your money out the window. They are so expensive! The first installation (can I call it that?) was $250 and – oh, bummer – you have to get them filled every 2-3 weeks?!? for another $75?!? I mean, I like them and everything, but I have a hard enough time paying $50 for a haircut once every six months.


  • You look like a queen.
  • Wake up and go.
  • Low maintenance.
  • You look like a queen. (x2)

Have you had extensions? Do you know of an affordable place to keep up this new habit in the Twin Cities? Please spill.

Yoga, Kinda

I’ve been doing yoga lately! Except it’s not *real* yoga, it’s technically called “yoga inspired fitness.”

For about two months I’ve been using an app called Asana Rebel and I really love it. I am working my way through the 7 Week Full Body Toner set, which, for me, is basically a live set for creating a How-You-Think-You-Look-While-Doing-Yoga and How-You-Actually-Look-While-Doing-Yoga meme. But still. I like it. It’s a nice calming workout where I can a) usually break a mini-sweat, and b) be feel-good-sore the next day.

Highly recommend!

Do you guys use fitness apps?

Grocery Delivery

OMG! This is the future! Bjork and I have been using Instacart for almost a year now (both in personal life and also for the studio groceries), and I am not going to lie: it is one of my favorite things about my life right now.

Ingredients on a cutting board with a knife.

We paid $100-ish for free delivery for one year. When I need groceries, I just put in an order on my phone, schedule delivery, and wait for it to arrive, usually in pajamas.

Things I’ve done with the time I saved by not going to the grocery store:

  • Yoga
  • Cleaned out fridge
  • Laundry
  • Walked Sage
  • Worked
  • Read a book
  • Watched TV
  • Painted my nails

We tip our drivers, usually 10%, so in that sense, it costs more than if we didn’t do delivery. Also a bummer – shoppers seem to REALLY struggle with finding certain things such as orange sweet potatoes. Come on, guys. But, on the other hand, I’m not impulse-buying a few throw pillows during my grocery runs (thank you very much, Target) which means maybe we’re saving money in some weird way.

I still love to peruse the grocery store in person from time to time to get excited about food and recipes, but when I do, it’s not in a frenzy to get 101 groceries, and that feels really nice.

Grocery delivery – yay or nay?

Seasonal Sads

Here in Minnesota we are hitting that point in the year that really brings out the Seasonal Sads for a lot of people. Did you know this is actually a thing? Seasonal Affective Disorder. For me, motivation is low, anticipation of warm weather is high, and general feeling as we wait for the seasons to change is meh.

A black and white photo of a dog on a chair.

It’s funny, because I love Minnesota, and I love snow, but February is about the time when my winter love dries up. A person can only take so many cloudy, cold days before needing an actual warmth lamp blasting on their face. Wait, isn’t that a thing? I can’t remember what they’re called but… do I need one? Can someone talk to me about this?

I’d love your thoughts on this. What do you guys do to work your way out of those wintery sad feelings?

Speaking Of Sad

The school shooting. It’s too much. I hesitated to even mention it because it’s so heavy. But I don’t think silence honors their lives.

A winter scene with snow covering an empty field beneath a sky tinged with orange.

I have vaguely followed the news, most specifically and importantly, the list of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. I am supporting Everytown for Gun Safety, because as a nation I feel strongly we need to see a move towards more common sense gun safety laws. I’m also excited about what’s happening with the students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School as they rise up and make their voices heard. So there is hope, always. But I hate that it’s in the context of something so heavy and sad.

To the families and friends of the victims – I’m so, so sorry. Our hearts are with you.

As I’ve been processing this heartbreak, I found this article insightful (Brene’s whole book, actually, as it relates to agreeing and disagreeing on polarizing issues), and this one, too. But articles and books can only help so much when the loss is this significant.

How do you all process the news when it is so devastating?

That’s all. From the fluff to the hard things. This is what I would talk about if we were actually on a coffee date, so that’s what’s here. The real stuff.

Before we go, one more thing. You know what? You are doing a really good job. I know sometimes it feels hard. But you’re doing it, one day at a time. Keep it up. ♡

Sage would like to look deep into your eyes to let you know that she’s cheering you on.

A smiling man and woman are in the front seat of a vehicle with a dog between them.

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