Fraction Pancakes

Cooking pancakes with my class?  Sounds like so much fun!  And what a perfect way to get some fraction practice done!


But before we even started, I realized my mistake, because I already had 3 kids on “take a break”.

Things got worse when I heard this little line:  “Mrs. O, last night, I threw up seven times!”

Take your hands off the food, go to the nurse!  Are there, by chance, any bleach wipes in my purse?


Re-sanitized tools were finally ready to use.  Griddles warmed, batter poured, annnd there goes the fuse.

With no electricity, I tried to contain my 24 friends, but I was going in-sane.

I called the office to get some help with the matter, and when I hung up, dropped the phone in the batter.


The janitor was busy cleaning vomit in the lunchroom.  We’d need to wait a while, aka, we were doomed.

After 20 minutes that seemed like a year, we got electricity back and things were in the clear.

But then someone decided to unscrew the syrup lid.  And oh, how that syrup flowed! Oh, yes, it really did.


I spent my whole prep time doing the dishes.  Serves me right for being so ambitious.

They’re sweet, they’re funny, but they’re only 10, and that is why I will never make fraction pancakes again.

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