Getting To Know Each Other {Reader Survey}

Chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet friends!

I’m just popping in today for two seconds with something new because I ♡ you (too much? too soon?) and I want to make Pinch of Yum the most awesom-est place possible for you.

Would you take five minutes, or uhh 2m 37s, if you’re speedy fast like me, and answer these ten questions?

I will be forever indebted to you in cookies.

If You’re On Mobile, Click Here:

FYI, this is anonymous – I will have no way of knowing who you are when you answer these questions. But the information we gather will help us know what kind of people are reading Pinch of Yum and what you all like or don’t like about the site.

And that will help us make Pinch of Yum a happy, relevant, valuable food place on the interwebs.

High five. Fist bump. Makin the pizzas dance.

THANK YOU! You deserve a cookie.

An overview of results will be shared in the income report this weekend if you want to check back!

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