Girls at the Mall

Hi there! How was your weekend?

Woman eating at a mall.

Mine was good, as you might have noticed by the jumbo cheeseburger and malt pictured above.

The main event of the weekend was Bjork and my – mine’s? I’s? – first ever outing with kids from the orphanage. We decided that in honor of my students filling up their sticker charts (oh, stickers, you powerful little things), we would hit up the big mall in Cebu for some games and food. Might I add that my students are six preteen girls. Mall. Preteen. Girls.

Our first stop was the arcade.

Women dancing at a mall.

I’ll just put it out there. I hate arcades.

As if a regular arcade wouldn’t have been bad enough to begin with, Filipino arcades are like regular arcades x 1,000, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

But it’s funny how the lights and music and sticky handles and extremely over-sensory environment can draw a person in. I had a blast watching these girls whack alligators, shoot baskets, and throw puffy balls into Winnie the Pooh’s mouth.

I even played a few rounds of air hockey with one of my little ladies. After I scored on myself 192 times, I decided to relocate to the ice cream shop, but it was still really fun.

Young girls playing at an arcade.

At this time I’d like to share a message with the future parents of these girls and/or those who might someday share the road with them:

I’m sorry.

And be careful.

Young girls playing at an arcade.

While waiting for our table at the giant cheeseburger restaurant, we made a pit stop at the bookstore. This sweet pea squatted right on down to whisper-read a board book to herself.

I got teary eyed.

Why are they so cute?

Young girl reading a book.

Oh, sweet girls.

I am so in love with them.

Young girls and a man standing in a road.

I hope your weekend involved a giant cheeseburger, because those are the best kinds of weekends.

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