Grapefruit Mojitos for Two

Grapefruit Mojito in a glass.

I’m feeling the pretty pink love in the air!

Not even because it’s almost Valentine’s Day (which I pretend to not care about but definitely do care about ♡) but mostly because these Pretty Pink Grapefruit Mojitos for Two have become a deliciously regular treat in my life lately. And that brings the love.

Last fall when we moved into a neighborhood with neighbors who actually know and enjoy each other, we started this really sweet every-few-weeks tradition with our neighbors two houses down: it’s called drink + snack night. And it’s not actually called that – I am saying that name out loud for the first time, but in my mind, that’s what it’s always been called, so there. Now it has a name.

On drink + snack night, we put on coats and hats and boots and make the two-second cold and snowy walk over to our neighbor’s house to have chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and fruit, and a specialty drink – all on random Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Thursdays or otherwise lonely winter nights.

And I’m serious, you guys. Surviving winter in Minnesota can be a lonely endeavor.

Grapefruit juice in a jar.
Mint leaves under running water.

The one thing about this drinks + snacks with neighbors tradition is that it reveals my secret: I am not a super experienced specialty drink maker, if you can’t tell from the 600+ posts on this blog over the last 5 years of which EXACTLY NONE are drinks.

That’s right, friends. Welcome to the first ever Pinch of Yum drink recipe.

Simple, classic mojitos seemed like a good place to start for our first featured drinks + snacks with neighbors contribution. I picked up limes and mint, made a simple syrup, and dusted off the cocktail shaker that had previously only been used for iced coffees in the summer – and Bjork consulted the Google Machine: HOW TO MAKE MOJITOS.

Grapefruit juice in a strainer.
Grapefruit Mojito in a glass.

After a few weeks of this being our contribution to drink + snack night, and a few weeks of us “practicing” in between –> we had mojitos mastered! High five.

And then winter got even colder, and we got even braver.

And/or I got obsessed with grapefruits.

So after lots of clunking around in the kitchen, pretending to know anything about drink making and adjusting and sampling and buying eight million grapefruits at the grocery story every week, now our “go-to” drink recipe is this pink and adorable grapefruit mojito and it is most perfect for two people.

It uses honey and limes and mint and of course, OF COURSE, that beautiful pink grapefruit juice that is my ultimate spirit survival food during winter.

Valentine’s Day? Love? Pink? Puckery, refreshing, and sweetened with smooth honey? I think this is the one.


Grapefruit Mojitos in a glass.
Grapefruit Mojitos in a glass with mint leaves.

Grapefruit Mojitos for Two


Grapefruit Mojitos – the perfect recipe for two! Grapefruit juice, lime juice, honey, mint leaves, white rum, and sparkling water. Naturally sweet and pink!


  • 2 large pink grapefruits
  • 23 limes
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 34 ounces white rum
  • a handful of mint leave
  • sparking water


  1. Squeeze the juice out of the grapefruits and limes. Filter through a fine mesh strainer to remove seeds and pulp. Stir the honey in with the juices until dissolved (sometimes I give the mixture a few seconds in the microwave to get the honey really incorporated, otherwise it clumps together when you add the ice).
  2. For one drink, vigorously shake the following in a cocktail shaker: a handful of ice, half of the rum, and half of the juice mixture which should be about 2/3 cup of juice, and several torn mint leaves. If you don’t have a shaker, use a jar with a tight fitting lid or just stir it all up in a glass.
  3. Pour the drink into the glass with or without the ice (your call! we leave the ice in). Give it all a good stir to get the mint leaves going and top it off with sparking water.


If you want a stronger drink, serve without the ice and/or sparkling water.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 5 mins
  • Category: Beverage
  • Cuisine: American

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Grapefruit Mojito for Two

One More Thing!

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