How To Peel Garlic

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Fresh garlic is the starting point of countless savory recipes. From pasta sauces to soups, it’s always a good idea to keep a stash of garlic in the kitchen. Knowing how to peel fresh garlic will get you cooking in no time. Here are two ways to peel garlic quickly and easily. 

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How To Peel Garlic: Crush Method

Crushing garlic is quick and can be incorporated into your normal cooking prep seamlessly. All you need is garlic and a chef’s knife. 

Step 1: Loosen up the head of garlic. Separate the cloves and pull aside however many cloves you need. 

How to peel garlic represented in a photo.Step 2: Place one clove on the cutting board.

A piece of garlic is being pressed with a knife and pressured by a hand.Step 3: Position the flat side of your knife on top of the clove of garlic, holding the handle tightly. Place the heel of your other hand on the flat side of the knife and push down firmly until you hear a crunch. 

Smashing Garlic with a knife.Step 4: Pull of the loosened skin of the garlic clove and discard. Slice, chop, or mince the garlic as needed. You can also use a garlic press if you want to make it easy on yourself. Repeat with remaining garlic cloves. 

A photo showing how to peel garlic.This crush method of peeling garlic is quick and perfect for when you need just a few cloves of peeled garlic. 

Garlic sitting on a white marbled surface.
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How To Peel Garlic: Shake Method

Shaking garlic is surprisingly effective and uses a standard quart-size mason jar. 

Step 1: Loosen up the head of garlic and place all the cloves into a quart size mason jar. Screw the lid on tightly.

Cloves of garlic being peeled.

A person pouring out of a jar.Step 2: Shake vigorously for about 15-20 seconds. Take a look at the garlic to see if most of the cloves have been peeled. Shake for a few more seconds if necessary. 

A hand holds a jar of garlic cloves.

Garlic peels in a mason jar.Step 3: Unscrew the lid and pour garlic cloves onto cutting board. Separate the skins for the cloves. Chop, mince, slice garlic as needed. 

Cut garlic on a white surface.This shake method of peeling garlic is a quick way to peel large amounts of garlic all at one time. 

Cloves of peeled garlic on a surface.
Pieces of minced garlic on a white surface.

How To Store Peeled Garlic: 

Peeled garlic can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days. Check for signs of spoilage before using.

For longer storage, spread garlic on a sheet pan and freeze for 1 hour. Transfer frozen cloves to an airtight container for up to 6 months. Note: Freezing garlic can change the texture of the garlic. 

How To Remove Garlic Smell From Hands:

Garlic tastes amazing, but can leave your hands smelling pretty pungent. To remove garlic smell from your hands, wet your hands and rub them on a stainless steel surface. This can be the inside of a sink, a big stainless steel pot, or even a stainless steel bar of soap made especially for this purpose.

Garlic Press – We love our garlic press! Makes perfectly minced garlic, sans smelly hands.

Cutting Board – This is our all-time favorite go-to cutting board in the kitchen.

Mason Jar – If you’re going the shake method route! Also useful for about a million other things in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Soap Bar – For when you love the smell of garlic but just not on your hands. 🤗

Recipes For Garlic Lovers:

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

A spoon reaches into a tomato sauce.

Garlic Herb Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs

Garlic herb spaghetti and meatballs in a pan.

Sheet Pan Garlic Ginger Chicken and Broccoli

Sheet Pan Garlic Ginger Chicken and Broccoli in a clear container.

Chili Garlic Instant Pot Noodles

Chili Garlic Instant Pot Noodles in a bowl.

Garlic Butter Capellini Pomodoro with Shrimp

A bowl full of Garlic Butter Capellini Pomodoro with Shrimp.

Spring Roll Bowls with Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce

Spring roll bowl with noodles, cucumbers, avocados, and pepper.

Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce

Garlic basic chicken, spaghetti and sauce in a bowl with a fork.

Spicy Shrimp with Cauliflower Mash and Garlic Kale

Perfectly cooked tail on shrimp with kale, and cauliflower mash in a large dark bowl.

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