January Meal Plan: Week 1

January Meal Plan collage with four images part of the meal plan for week 1

Okay, here we are! It’s 2022. New Year, new…365 days of trying to decide what to make for dinner. Listen, hard same, and also we’ve got you, we’ve got you. This week’s 3-2-1 meal plan keeps things easy and delicious which, oof, after these last couple years we would like to dub the theme for this new year.

As promised with these meal plans, to make this magical list of yum happening, we’re going to do three sauces, two veg preps, and one snack to get you set up for the week. That way when dinnertime rolls around, you can roll your sleeves up and tackle it head-on, without too many sighs or rolling around on the floor crying (you know, in your head. Or maybe literally…depends on where this new year is finding you lol.).

So take some time this weekend and get some things prepped to help make life a little smoother, to save your brain and your time and your patience. And then let’s eat the heck out of some nutritious, delicious, joy-giving food all week long.

Recipes This Week


Meal 1: Smoky Beans & Greens Tacos with Aji Verde

Smoky black beans simmered up with loads of kale and enchilada sauce, tucked into charred corn tortillas with some crunchy fresh corn in there for brightness. But also let us please warn you that we are pouring an extreme amount of spicy, herby aji verde (a Peruvian green sauce) all over these. It’s all just so wonderful. Plus, how fun is it to say “Beans & Greens”?! So fun. So good.

Make it little-kid friendly! Make sure to use a mild enchilada sauce and skip putting the Aji Verde sauce on their plate.

Red pepper pasta in a bowl

Meal 2: Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Blistered Tomatoes

Classic vegan sorcery coming your way — this roasted red pepper sauce is so creamy without one single drip-drop of cream. Toss it with some perfectly chewy pasta and crown it with some sweet blistery tomatoes and a handful of fresh herbs. It’s such a breeze to come together, it is likely to become your new favorite weeknight staple

Plantain and pinto stew over rice on a plate

Meal 3: Plantain and Pinto Stew with Aji Verde

This stew is such a stunner and is so simple to put together that you think you must be doing it wrong. But you’re not! Super cozy and a highly delicious all-veg stew coming ‘atcha. It’s full of peppers and kale and warm smoky spices, there’s some pinto beans to fill it out, and then surprising little chunks of plantains! If you’re not familiar with the vegetable, they are an amazing starchy little banana cousin that bring an unexpected, slightly sweet bit of creaminess in each bite. And you better believe that deliciously spicy aji verde is coming back. Cuz you’ve got it prepped! Start pouring.

Make it little-kid friendly! Skip the Aji Verde sauce for little kiddos.

Cookie Dough Energy Bites stacked.

Snack / Breakfast: Cookie Dough Energy Bites

Easy breakfast and ready-grab snacks — and not thinking too hard about it either — is where. we’re. at. So these lil’ energy bites are our very best friend. Like, wholesome, slightly sweet, super satisfying, and very keep-in-the-fridge/ready-whenever-you-need-them best friends. With hints of honey and a subtle chocolatey crunch, they are so simple to throw together are ready to boost you all week long!

Green salad in a bowl with dressing on the side.

Vegetable / Side: Simple Green Salad

Veg course this week is the simplest green salad that will take under a minute and get your taste buds dancing. The dressing is an easy jar shake away, with hints of maple and deep balsamic flavor. Drizzle that on some tender fresh spring greens and you’ve got yourself a win. Also super flexible to be dressed up with cheese, nuts, dried fruit, and/or a protein, and also it goes with everything. Dinner, lunch, brunch — get this girl on your plate.

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    Happy Cooking!

    Let’s ease into this new year, yes? Let’s have it meet us where we’re at, still moving through the world with joyful caution. Keep taking care of each other and taking care of yourselves and if just a small part of that is making food prep and planning easier for the week, we’re so happy to be able to help.

    Alrighty 2022, we’re one week in. Let’s do this.

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