Join Us for Our Instagram Playbook Event!

Instagram Playbook Event promo.

Hello! I’m back! We meet again!

Things have been quiet around here for the last week or two because – top secret – I have been working on something suuuper awesome behind the scenes.

Bjork and I are gearing up for our brand new, live, TOTALLY FREE Instagram Playbook Event where we’ll be opening the pages of our Instagram Playbook to show you how we’ve grown our account, refined our branding, and understood our audience!

This event will be hosted by our sister site, Food Blogger Pro, next week on Tuesday, July 16.

And Y-O-U are invited!

—–> Click here to sign up for the Instagram Playbook event.

Let’s discuss.

Why Instagram?

I love Instagram. I mean it. I love it. I love it for searching for inspiration, connecting with others, and looking at cute puppy pictures.

Not only that, but Instagram is also an important part of what makes Pinch of Yum…well, Pinch of Yum. It’s the main avenue we use to share our recipes that are on the blog (and beyond). We love connecting with you, and talking with you, and sharing yummy things with you, and an easy way to do that is to be where you already are. And where you are (at least 850,000ish of you) is on Instagram!

Not only does Instagram allow us to share tasty food photos, recipes, videos, and more, it also gives us a chance to connect with you one-on-one through messages and comments, and to see what you’re making in your own kitchen.

It’s a really important branch to our small-but-mighty Pinch of Yum business tree, and the Instagram Playbook Event is our way to show you our how and our why for engagement, growth, and more.

What Will We Cover During The Event?

We broke our Instagram Playbook into seven different parts, each of which we’ll chat about during the event:

  1. Boundaries: How have we grown on Instagram without becoming glued to our phones?
  2. Branding: What is our account all about? And who is it for?
  3. Content: What types of pictures and videos and captions do we post?
  4. Visual Aesthetic: How do we make ourselves stand out visually?
  5. Instagram Stories: Do we do them? Do we like them? Do we just keep the camera on all the time? (See also: boundaries!)
  6. Growth: How have we gone from zero to 850,000 followers? And how do we track and measure growth?
  7. Money: What’s been the best way for us to earn money on Instagram?

A business playbook includes all the pieces and parts that make up your company’s approach for getting things done. Our Instagram Playbook is the same exact idea – it’s the framework we use every day when we share content on Instagram.

Is This Event For You?

Short answer: yes! Click here to register!

Long answer:

This will be an especially good fit for you if…

  • You’re a blogger, influencer, doer, or business owner who wants some guidance on what you should be sharing on Instagram 
  • You want to understand how Instagram can work for you and your business
  • You feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your current Instagram strategy (or lack thereof – been there) and want a bit more structure
  • You want to grow your Instagram following and engagement

How Does The Event Work, and How Can You Register?

All you need is a computer with internet connection, a fun drink to sip, and a notebook for note-taking. You’ll click a link, a (live) video will play on your screen, you’ll see me and Bjork waving at you, and boom. You’re there.

We’ll go live at 11 am ET / 10 am CT on July 16, and it’ll last about an hour and a half.

If you’re ready to register (yay! ), you can do that here:

And if you can’t make it for the live event, that’s okay! Be sure to still register because we will send you the replay information after the event wraps up (available for 24 hours).

And one more thing: if you have a friend who you think would love learning about how they can maximize their Instagram growth and engagement, share the URL with them! →

YAY! Can’t wait to see you there. ️

P.S. I talked with Bjork on the Food Blogger Pro podcast this week about our Instagram Playbook as well! You can have a listen using the handy little player below.

Instagram Playbook Event promo.

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