Life At The Cabin

Young boy with a fishing net in a lake.

Two whole weeks! Lucky us.

Every year for the last ten (whoa!), my family has been going up to a cabin in Wisconsin for a few weeks in the summer. It’s a VRBO rental property so technically it’s not “ours”, but when you go to the same place every year for ten years, it sort of becomes yours in a weird cabin-heart-and-soul kind of way.

This year’s activity highlights included the predictable favorites: long runs, long naps, long long loooong books (I’m looking at you, Goldfinch), coffee sipping, dock sitting, tubing, wake boarding, wet hair ponytails, no makeup, Catch Phrase, baby holding, bonfires, sunset cruises, and fishing.

Better yet, this year’s food highlights included The Pioneer Woman sour cream pancakes, The Pioneer Woman spaghetti and meatballs, The Pioneer Woman stuffed mushrooms, The Pioneer Woman potato skins, The Pion – no but wait – I’m serious because literally all of us who cook at the cabin just all happened to bring our Pioneer Woman cookbooks along for the two weeks. Kind of like the time I met my mom for lunch somewhere and we didn’t see each other at first, so we both sat at our own tables and ordered the exact same earl grey hot tea, and happened to be wearing the exact same outfit, and waited for the other to arrive like twins in a movie scene. Anyways, The Pioneer Woman – apparently we channel our outdoorsy pioneerish spirits when we hide out in the Wisc Northland).

Tubing on a lake.

Also on the non-Ree food front, there was kale pesto; fried walleye tacos: a team effort between my brother’s expert fishermanship and my undying love for guac and taco toppings; Mom’s zucchini pie which is currently sitting on my board of must-make-for-the-blog recipes because you will just DIE for this one; some kind of buckwheat pancakes that were my very own “special creation” aaand that we won’t be making again; shrimp linguine with real, luscious cream sauce because everything my sister makes turns to foodie gold; quick and easy pizza breads compliments of Grandma M; the most juicy-yum-yum Filipino mango float from my youngest sister, rhubarb bread aka cake for breakfast from Grandma R; and zucchini muffins – all the good, so-so, and duck food versions because I won’t stop till it I get it get it.

It’s a Friday in August and do we all feel good about that or what? Aw yeah. To kick off the weekend and make me smiiile (or maybe just maybe mist up the ol’ eyes if I look at certain pictures with certain music playing –  lalalala #allthefeelings) I am sharing a few pictures of the Good Times from Cabin Trip 2014. Happy weekend!

Cabin Vacation image collage.

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