Life This Week

This week the sun’s been shining.

Beautiful city with mountains and houses.

I’ve been holding babies and not doing my hair.

Woman holding a baby in her arms.

I’ve been enjoying this new look

Man wearing a helmet.

and this one too.

Man looking at a young girl.

I’ve been eating sugar

Three cookies stacked on each other on a white plate.

and trying tom kha with coconut milk and monggo beans

Tapioca pearls in a strainer.

and drinking mochas with tapioca pearls. Weird and wonderful.

Coffee drink in a cup.

I’ve been learning from these bright minds

Young girls reading books.

and learning about wisdom. Proverbs. She Reads Truth. Check it out.

Bible with underlines and highlights.

I’ve been receiving weird texts on my Nokia

Text message on a Nokia phone.

and checking Pugs of Instagram with my iPhone.

Pugs of Instagram.

I’ve been trying to fit in with the locals by wearing long sleeves and long pants

Woman smiling at the camera.

but taking pictures of food with a fancy camera is a dead giveaway that I’m un-local.

Small table outside looking out to a city.

Restored health, good people, delicious food, and nice sunsets. That’s been life this week.

Sunset behind mountains.

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