My Mom

Three people smiling together.

This week I’ve been neglecting my hot little kitchen because… she came! My mom came! To the Philippines! To spend time with me and Bjork at the school, the shelter, and the beach.

It was amazing.

Boat in the ocean water.

Go ahead now. Grab one of Monday’s leftover muffins to snack on because I’m gonna introduce you to my mom.

My mom loves ice cream. Or Mochi, in this case. It’s a scoop of mango ice cream with an edible…dough… casing? I don’t know. It’s really good. If you’ve tried this you just earned one thousand cool points because it’s a super hip way to eat ice cream.

That’s another thing. She’s super hip.

Woman holding Ice Cream.

She watches me fry myself in the hot tropical sun that my skin hasn’t seen for months, and doesn’t nag at me to put on more sunscreen.

Then she tells me afterwards that it looks like I got a little “red”.

I can’t decide if I appreciate that or not.

Sun shining through palm trees.

She likes to linger over French press coffee and buffet breakfasts. I definitely inherited that gene.

Also, she gets along really well with Bjork, which is kind of hard not to do, but still. How fun is it when your two favorite people just like to be together? It’s fun. I love it.

Man and woman eating breakfast.

For dinner, she orders Pad Thai and lets me eat half of it, even though we weren’t splitting.

Menu in black and white.

She is seriously adventurous. Like, WAY more adventurous than me. She would have taken me parasailing in a heartbeat if I had even an ounce of courage for that sort of thing. The most exciting thing she could get Bjork and I to do with her was go snorkeling, which was a stretch considering Bjork’s anxiety towards the sun and my fear of all things that live in the ocean. We were hoping for the slow and easy sunset cruise because we’re 85 years old, but she would have none of it.

Dock over ocean water.

Naturally, because the ocean is such a dangerous place and everything that lives in it is scary, we got stung by jellyfish.

She stayed calm, because she is a good mom and a brave person. I did not. I did freak out and imagine us all dying in the middle of the Philippine ocean. I’m pretty sure that is my dad’s gene.

Jelly Sting on an arm.

There are just no words to say how great it was to be with her this week. I love hanging out with my mom and it was really, really hard to see her go home. Ouch.

I guess that means we had a really, really good time.

Mother and daughter sitting at a table.

Thanks for coming, Mom! Come back soon!

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