New Routines: Part 2


So this is the point in my life where I share my crazy new habits on the internet.


Routine #5: This cereal. All the time, every day. Period. It has real (like, REAL) chocolate inside each little piece and a funny dog on the box. So basically it’s a dream come true.

Fourres chocolate cereal in a bowl.

PS. Yes, it’s French. (Le is French, right?) I have no idea why this is in Cebu.

Two men pose for a photo in front of stairs.

Routine #6: Snacks for the guards. And judging by the size difference that I’m just now noticing in the picture, I’m sure they think we are giving them snacks to try to make them ginormous like us.

Our apartment building has armed guards on duty 24/7. There are two guards: Ryan and Romeo. They are champs. They work 12 hour shifts EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and they are always smiling, so I like to give them snacks. Cupcakes, cookies, bread, muffins, mango cake, and other sugary carbs can communicate things across language barriers, I think. Things like “THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING.”

Routine #7: Singing the goodbye song. Several little ones have already left to be with their forever families, and hopefully there will be more in the next 11 months. It’s altogether exciting and happy and sad and hope-filled.

I am not big on choral singing, but singing along with 80 kids to send off an adoptive family is always really precious.

Chocolate chip cookie on a plate.

Routine #8: Washing my feet. This is one of those ones where I don’t have a picture for it so I include a random one. When in doubt, bring out the cookie picture. Recipe –> Friday.

I walk around wearing sandals or open toed shoes all day and the streets here in the Philippines are just a wee bit dirty.

My absolute rule that can never ever ever ever ever ever be broken: WASH YOUR FEET BEFORE GETTING IN BED.

A busy, multiple-level mall filed with people at night.

Routine #9: This one is my favorite: Ayala Date Night. Ayala is the big mall here in Cebu, and friends, I will openly admit to you that I love the American-ness of this place. The great restaurants, high-end shops, bookstores, coffee shops, and fancy things like fountains and toilet paper in the bathrooms are well worth the 30 minute taxi ride (which could soon become a 30 minute moped ride! – stay tuned).

Sometimes the noise, poverty, and hotness of Cebu is overwhelming, but just one night in the sparkly, air-conditioned mall can make me feel like a new woman.

Lindsay and Bjork smiling and a tray of sushi and wasabi.

In case you were wondering, the only store I’ve ever bought anything in is a giant Wal-Mart-esque store called Metro, which makes me hate myself. I have yet to make it out of the mall without buying something from Metro. It’s a disease. But this is not about Metro.

This is about sitting in the air conditioning, overeating something delicious, and reliving the week’s events with my favorite guy. Re-charge time.

A young mother holds a little girl and sits by another little girl.

Routine #10: Girl talk. So maybe “talk” is more like exchanging one word phrases, but what I’m trying to say is that I could really do this every day and never get tired of it.


Thanks for checking in on ye ol’ Pinch of Yum, guys! Your comments and emails saturate my social sponge and make me smile. Happy Monday and Happy Week!

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