On Full Time Blogging

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A few months ago, when Bjork was putting together another one of the income reports, we both had this realization moment: at this point I earn more from blogging than I do from my day job.

Day job = elementary school teacher.

Potential new job = stay at home blogger.

How was that even possible? I started think about what it would be like to actually quit my day job and spend my days at home working on recipes, photography, new products, and generally developing Pinch of Yum.

And honestly, I was confident that that’s what I wanted to do. I thought: if I had that kind of opportunity, I would totally take advantage of it. Work from home, be my own boss, build and grow my blog, the whole deal.

Cause it’s fun, right? Like, you can sleep in and then sit around in your sweat pants. Maybe you can sneak a nap in between eating Chocolate Caramel Oatmeal Bars and watching Arrested Development. Just one episode, of course, cause you’re “working”. And then you can write blog posts whenever you feel like it. For example, from midnight to three in the morning. Totally glam. (This is me joking.)

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In all seriousness, as I thought about making the switch to full time blogging, the thing that captivated me was the idea that I could work really hard and my hard work would directly affect how successful I would be. With everything from traffic, to photography skills, to better recipes, to income. I loved that I could have a flexible schedule. I knew I would wake up in the morning with motivation to get work done. I could stay home with our kids. Of which we have none, but still. I had visions of real weekends where I wouldn’t have to do any work. Say what?!

But here’s where the story takes a turn. In May, as I tried out the life of an almost-full-time blogger, and as I got a teaching job offer that made my heart feel unexpectedly giddy, I remembered this about myself: I love teaching. I believe in teaching. And for me personally, teaching gives me spiritual and emotional income in a way that food blogging just doesn’t.


So after running through lots of possibilities for work this year, I’ve accepted a part time teaching position as a reading interventionist at my elementary school. This is the school where I know kids, and kids know me, and when I come back after a year of being gone they present me with little bracelets made of paper clips that spell “love”. Best ever? Yes, I think so.

I’ll be working with small groups of struggling readers during the morning hours AND I’ll still have a few afternoon hours left to devote to Pinch of Yum. Or eat snacks. You know how it is. A few of you have asked what’s next for p-o-y, so now ya know! I’m a teacher and a blogger, and I am feeling so incredibly blessed. Now if I could just find a few hours in the day to teleport back to the Philippines… yeah, that.

I would be so excited to hear from any of you – bloggers with day jobs, full time bloggers, food or otherwise. What are the perks or the downsides of each? Are you happy to be where you are? What makes it work?

Thanks for letting me talk. Type. Whatever. I feel like we’re friends and it makes me smile. –> 

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