Pretty Faces

Young girl looking at the camera.

When you see these faces, you just know.

Young girl smiling at the camera.

There are so many tender and sweet and sacred moments that find their way into the daily grind of this place, it’s enough to make a person’s heart explode.

Like adoringly feeding a baby doll out of a blue plastic… trough. Where did she even find that thing?

Heart, boom.

Little girl sitting on a chair playing with a baby.

Wearing the most awkward one-eared bunny rabbit wearing glasses helmet, and laughing about it.

Young woman smiling at the camera.

Dinkin’ around with friends.

Little girls on a sidewalk.

Asking to be photographed for the hundred-and-fiftieth time. Still loving it just as much as the first time.

Young girls smiling at a camera.

Following 101 steps for re-wrapping the baby.

Young girl playing with a baby doll.

Sitting on a house father’s lap and singing Christmas songs in January.

You couldn’t even make this stuff up.

Man holding a young girl.

These are the prettiest faces ever, aren’t they?

Seriously wow.

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