Puppy Sophie



But first, can I just say it’s been a long time! Like, wowza. I feel a little rusty sitting here typing this out. After, what, ten days? of much needed R-E-S-T (more on that later), I am back today because I had to introduce you to sweet little Sophie girl!

The Sophie Facts:

  • She is a Keeshond puppy.
  • She was a Christmas surprise that we got for Bjork’s parents.
  • I bolded that because I know you’re all thinking she’s ours. She’s not. But I think we’re her godparents or something?
  • We picked her up a few days before Christmas.
  • For five days she slept in our room (yes, we’re those people), played in our backyard, had little accidents on our carpet, woke us up early, took us for snowy “walks”, chewed on our nicely wrapped presents, and enjoyed lots of snuggly naps on the couch (because yes, we’re those people.)
  • We brought her to her real mom and dad on Christmas morning with a big velvet red bow around her neck, obvi.
  • She is a complete fluff ball of sweet, calm, loving energy.
  • If she can be with you for 24 hours a day, in your arms, she’ll be happy.
  • She totally melts me.

Puppy Sophie on the floor.


Man holding a puppy.

Woman holding a puppy.


Puppy sleeping.

I hope you’ve all been able to rest and relax on this Christmas break as much as I have. It was very much needed and I’m both thankful for the rest and excited to be back in action. It’s all thanks to the puppy therapy, definitely.

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