Sage in February

Man wearing glasses kissing a dog.

Saaaaage! Our sweetest little Sage.

This week while we’ve been in the Philippines, every once in a while I’ll think about home and remember: oh yeah, WE HAVE A DOG. And her name is Sage. And she is just unreal. Just so unreal.

At least 50x a day I look at her and just dwell on the fact that we literally won the dog rescue lottery when we added her dog highness to our family. She’s the most gentle, affectionate dog – or maybe just living creature in general – that I’ve ever known or experienced or interacted with, ever. Although now that I mention that, I’m having flashbacks of her with her hair standing up on her back, growling at strangers who come up to the front door and soft-biting at their ankles in a moment of weakness, so there’s that one little thing. Just… we’re working on it, okay?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that not a day goes by that Bjork and I don’t say something embarrassingly ridiculous about how perfect of a dog she is for us. You never thought you’d be friends with THOSE people, right?

You’re in luck. We are happy to fill that Dog-Obsessed Friend Quota for you.

If I were to describe how Sage has been in February, I’d tell you that she has been channeling the dog meets kitten meets fawn meets constant snuggler and devoted napper vibes.

Dog on a couch.

There have been some February ups:

  • a new toy that keeps her awake and active for at least 30 minutes at a time – THIS IS A BIG DEAL
  • huge progress on operation: train Sage to fetch – I think there were like three times in a row that she actually got the ball and returned it to me because #dogwhisperer
  • so so so so so many cozy wintertime snuggles, you wouldn’t even believe it
  • weekly studio visits, since the studio is DOG FRIENDLY! I would be lying if I said that this was not the final building detail that pushed us into signing the lease
  • pink bandana diva status achieved
Dog playing with a toy on a carpet.

There have also been some February downs:

  • her back leg has been acting up – she’s limping, and she’s struggling to jump up on furniture (uhh, who says that? like, we WANT her to jump on furniture? see above comment about Dog-Obsessed Friend Quota).
  • she had an X-ray to investigate the leg issues, but the results are still a bit unclear and we’re going to keep looking into it once we get back home. it’s likely that she has hip dysplasia and we are kinda sad about this.

In general, with the ups and downs and average days in between, Sage is loving life and we are loving life with Sage.

Also: I’m having a moment right now where I think about how weird it is that I am writing this post about my dog’s life. And I’m okay with it. And I’m excited that some of you dog people might weirdly and wonderfully be okay with it, too.

I love you guys so much for loving Sage. We are a dog-loving, food-loving internet tribe of greatness!

Alright. I’m pretty excited to get home to this girl in a few days, but till then, here are a few snaps I dug up from my camera archives of Sage in February!

Dog laying his head on a person's lap.
Dog sleeping on a couch.
Dog on a couch with a blanket.
Woman hugging a dog.
Dog on a couch.
Dog laying on a carpet.
Dog under the table resting.
Dog with a bandana on a couch.
Dog yawning on a man's lap.
Dog on a couch.
Dog sleeping on a carpet.
Dog under the table on a bed.
Dog on a carpet looking at camera.
Woman and dog touching noses.
Dog looking at camera.
Dog content while being pet.

Three things:

  1. If you have helpful things to say about hip dysplasia or training dogs to fetch and/or generally be interested in running games outside, I need you to start talking. Sage needs you to start talking.
  2. We ARE still in the Philippines, and I am sad to report that we’re mourning the loss of a very important member of our little tech family this week: Bjork’s computer. It was stolen from a restaurant here in Cebu on Saturday. There were lots of tears in my heart while, as usual, Bjork stayed cool and calm and balanced. What is that kind of life like, I wonder? Some of us shall never know such things. Anyways, in addition to losing all the video footage we had done for the orphanage over the last seven days (ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCHHHH), we are now half as efficient as we were when we arrived as we only have one computer to work from. I’m not sure what our last few days will look like here (well, yes I do – they will look like a MAD DASH to make up for seven days of video work), so if you don’t hear from us for a few days, know that we’re slowly but surely making our way back home and we’ll be up and running ASAP with a Philippines update and BIG THING post that I’m half terrified and half beyond excited to share.
  3. To stay up to date with the rest of our trip, peep Snapchat (pinchofyum) and join our Facebook VIP group!

Sage Friends, you’re the best. You knew that, though, right? Happy Monday!


Woman smiling at a dog.

Sage In October

Dog looking up at the camera.

Sage In August

Dog sleeping on the couch.

Sage In May

Dog laying on the carpet.

Introducing Sage

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