Sage in June

Dog outside.

Every time I write one of these posts, I think to myself: what is my life?

We went for a walk this morning to get a few more outdoor pictures of Sage in the wild, since, you know, on a normal walk we don’t usually bring a huge DSLR camera, and both Bjork and I just couldn’t stop laughing about what a weird life this is that we get to share our dog with the internet as a very small and just-for-fun part of our “job.” It’s so crazy fun to do these posts and share our fur baby with all of you dog lovers (which we’ve realized are MANY if not ALL of you) here in our little corner of the internet.

Since starting this Sage series, we’ve gotten snaps from you introducing us to dog friends for Sage, emails with pictures of your dogs in sweaters and strollers, and so much more. And we love every second of it.

We’ve absolutely become THOSE DOG PEOPLE – all of us, together.

So. Sage!

Sage In June.

Hand feeding a dog a treat.

Sage has had a really smooth transition into summer as you might have gathered from the white rainbow polka dot bowtie – I repeat – BOWTIE – look that she’s sporting this month. I mean, wow. If that doesn’t scream summer. S/o to the groomers for not only giving Sage a spa day and combing out about 500 layers of fur (thanks for the tip about the deshedding, Denise from the workshop!) but also sending her home looking like a snappy diva.

I think I’ve mentioned it here before but it’s worth saying again as summer is all about the water sports, running, playing outside, etc. –> Sage has some big opportunities for growth in the area of athletic physical activity.

Thanks to many handfuls of training treats, this spring/summer, she HAS mastered the art of a very basic version of fetch (maximum fetch limit per game is about 5) which is just so very exciting because it’s SO not Sage. Old dogs learning new tricks, yo. Miracles happening right here in our yard. Also – she occasionally gets brave enough (or hot enough, or bored enough) to go alllllll the way into the swamp at the dog park, usually followed up by a crazed – but I mean actually CRAZED – roll in the sand for about two minutes. Other than that, she’s not super excited about running around, chasing things, or generally being athletic and coordinated. Her strengths are more of the sleeping, cuddling, asking for belly rubs, eating, and laying in the sun variety.

The fact that almost everything about her demeanor mimics mine (generally nervous, easily excited by food, exceptionally good at lounging) is just too perfect for life. We are soul mates.

Dog laying on a woman on a couch.


Dog looking at camera.

Sage in June hasn’t been all happy times. I won’t name any names, but something happened recently – something involving a chewing session and my $300 glasses.

My $300 glasses with the super cute frames. The ones that have been discontinued and cannot be replaced.

Obviously. Had to be. There’s no other way for that story to end.

This is the first time that Sage has actually destroyed something that cost legit money, and I’m 100% sure she knew it. I came back to find the glasses crushed up on the floor and I promise I didn’t yell at her (don’t get mad, guys, I seriously didn’t yell) but I held out the glasses in front of her and told her in a really serious voice that that was bad, Sage. That was really bad.

And she just started shaking all over.

Oh my gosh, they were the saddest shakes ever. She does this whenever we take her to the vet or the groomers or anywhere unfamiliar. Our poor girl. She’s either just actually that nervous and tender orrrrrr she’s completely manipulative and sneaky and knows that the shakes will likely lead to snuggles and other good things. As I am remembering it now, Bjork practically fell over himself to get her a few massive handfuls of treats. I mean, wow Sage. Well played, girlfriend.

Dog looking at a woman outside.

It’s been just over a year now since we brought this little love bug home.

Sometimes I start to wonder: what would life be like if we hadn’t found the online profile for our Sagey Girl tucked away on page ten of the dog rescue website during that late night binge search? And then I refuse to even think of it.

We love this girl so much.

Here’s a glimpse at Sage in June!

Dog with floppy ears.
Dog looking at an orange ball.
Dog playing with an orange ball.
Dog jumping up on man's body.
Dog outside.
Dog playing with a man on a couch.
Dog and man sitting on a couch.
Dog laying on a carpet.
Dog laying on a fluffy blanket.
Dog walking on a sidewalk.
Dog laying on a bed.
Man scratching a dog.
Woman and dog cuddling on a couch.
Dog laying on a couch.
Woman petting a dog on the grass.


Man kissing a dog.

Sage In February

Woman smiling at a dog.

Sage In October

Dog looking up.

Sage In August

Dog laying on the couch.

Sage In May

Dog laying on a carpet.

Introducing Sage

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