Six Ingredient Solution Cookbook Giveaway

America's Test Kitchen 6 Ingredient Solution.

I bet you already know it, but I’ll say it anyways. I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK! And I love 6 ingredient recipes. Anyone else out there feeling like 6 sounds about right these days? Yes. I’m completely with you.

The recipes in this cookbook are insanely creative and delicious, not to mention just plain do-able. I have at least 20 pages in this cookbook earmarked to come back and try when I’m not mowing down on Chicken Pizzaiola. It might be a while before I move on from that, but when I do, the other recipes are ready and waiting to be loved.

America's Test Kitchen cookbook.

Cook’s Illustrated describes it perfectly:

“This collection shows you really can do a lot with a little, when you know how to make the most of every ingredient.”

And isn’t it the best? Less is more when it comes to these recipes.

Some of the recipes are yummies like:

  • Salami and Provolone-Stuffed Peppers
  • Hearty Italian Soup with Kale and Gnocchi
  • Chicken Pizzaiola with Pasta (and if you want to be reminded of how much I love that, click here.)
  • Lazy Man’s Chili
  • Easiest Sunday Pot Roast
  • Penne with Fire-Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce
  • Linguine with Clams and Chorizo
  • Grill-Smoked Salmon with Creamy Cucumber-Dill Salad
  • Speedy Trifle with Cookies and Berries
  • No-Bake Rocky Road Bars
  • Melted Brie with Honey and Herbs – and how about a little picture of that one?
Melted Brie with Honey and Herbs.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and check out the full list of recipes and a few other photos, too. Even though it only costs about $20, I seriously feel like this cookbook is worth more like $100 for all the time saving and practical and still completely drool-worthy recipes included in the collection, and here you can get it for free. Awe-some day.

Just follow the directions in this little box for lots of different ways to enter.

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Thanks a million to America’s Test Kitchen for putting out yet another winning cookbook! Much love to your wonderfully creative, food-loving, recipe-testing people.

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