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Soup in a pan.


Raise your hand if you have old pans with rickety handles and funky burn spots on the bottom? Me, too.

Except I have one supernice pan, and it’s a Swiss Diamond Nonstick Braiser. Translation: it’s a dream come true. I’ve made this, and this, and the soup pictured above in my pan. Also made recently in The Pan was this incredible chicken dish, which is still in recipe testing phase, but see that nice juicy coating on the meat? You can thank my Swiss Diamond for that.

Food on two plates with forks.

Swiss Diamond is really unique when it comes to cookware. Get this: their patented coating is PFOA-free (yay!) and as suggested by the name, it is reinforced with real diamond crystals in order to create a long lasting, naturally nonstick surface. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DI-A-MOND. I can tell you from experience that these pans cook food beautifully. I adore nonstick cookware, and this is hands down the best nonstick pan I’ve ever used.

Swiss Diamond GiveawayCooking pan.

Because of how it’s made, it can be used with no oil or butter! <— Happy Healthy New Year! And it cleans up with just warm soapy water – no scrubbing and soaking necessary. Plus the cookware is oven-safe up to 500 degrees allowing meals to start on the stovetop and finish in the oven, which I likey. It comes with a great tight-fitting lid that has an option to keep steam in or let it out. I feel like I have so much control when I cook with this pan, and you know how I feel about control. *gulp*

Swiss Diamond cookware was ranked #1 nonstick by the leading US consumer ratings organization and dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of Nonstick Fry Pans” by the Wall Street Journal, which sounds about right to me. I haven’t had a chance to test the validity of this, but Swiss Diamond promises that their cookware will last a lifetime when taken care of properly. Take a look here for more about usage and care tips.

One last thing to know is that Swiss Diamond offers pans for traditional stoves, and also specifically for induction stoves, so if that’s you, we’ll make sure you get the induction variety if you win.

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I’m crossing my fingers for all of you! Here’s to a healthier 2014 and better cookware to make it happen.

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