Tasty Food Photography Workshops: November and December

Food Photography Workshops | pinchofyum.com

And that’s a wrap!

The 2015 Tasty Food Photography workshops are officially done! My brain is just a leeeeeettle bit fried, and I’m feeling all the pre-Christmas feels (especially the ones related to looking at pictures of snowy-sugar pancake stacks instead of doing WORK work) and I can’t be the only one, right? You guys feel me.

So today I’m pulling you into the feelings of distraction with me and giving you a sneak-peek-fly-on-the-wall inside look at what actually happens at these jam-packed, crazy fun weekends via a million and one pictures.

Even though I could probably say a lot about what these workshops have been about, what they’ve meant to me, the ups and downs and OMG moments of all three of them, I guess the best way to sum it up in a word is WOW. Wow-eeee. What a gift to be able to meet people in real life and share food and talk about things that matter to us (food and otherwise) and obviously – play around with styling and photographing food together. It’s just way too dreamy.

Food Photography Workshops | pinchofyum.com

My highlights from these last two workshops (November and December) were many, but the ones for sure worth mentioning are:

  • watching both workshops sell out in just under four hours (!!) – I was clicking refresh on that page like a madwoman
  • seeing the SHOCK AWE AND JOY on peoples’ faces as they tried shooting in manual for the first time – this alone would be reason enough for me to do a million and one of these workshops
  • working together as a group to figure out how to achieve the perfect snow-sugar-sprinkle shot, hands-holding-bowl shot, pour shot with AND without a tripod, and any and other weird problem-type shots that only the food photographers of the world understand
  • watching people find confidence in their unique food photography style and branding
  • meeting people from all over the United States (and Canada!) who I’ve emailed with back and forth many times and finally being able to look at their REAL LIFE face instead of their email avatar

The real-life stuff is the number one reason that I wanted to get into workshops, and it’s been even more awesome (and even more exhausting because I’m old and I’ve apparently lost all my teaching stamina?! wahh) than I ever could have imagined.

Food Photography Workshops | pinchofyum.com

Friends. You need to know that there WILL be workshops in 2016 in our brand new, very own studio  and I’m SO hoping to see you at one of them, if nothing else just to share the studio with you and PARTYYY.

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Stay tuned for and email with more information about our next workshops coming in early 2016! Wheeeeee!


Now – onto the pictures!

You, your hot chocolate, and your slippers (or your professional work clothes but just dream with me for a minute here) are so ready for this mind-candy of a post.

example workshop-35
example workshop-38
example workshop-4
example workshop-16
example workshop-36
example workshop-8
example workshop-17
example workshop-39
example workshop-3
example workshop-33
example workshop-40
example workshop-2
example workshop-6
example workshop-31
example workshop-45
example workshop-41
example workshop-42
example workshop-5
example workshop-32
example workshop-34
example workshop-28
example workshop-19
example workshop-1
example workshop-15
example workshop-24
example workshop-22
example workshop-44
example workshop-20
example workshop-25
example workshop-13
example workshop-26
example workshop-21
example workshop-23

I might be biased just a teeny tiny little bit, but our team is the best of the best.

Hugest of huge thanks to Abby, Krista, Katy, my mom, and Amanda ️ for running around to get props, setting up meals, and cleaning up after my styling messes during these last two workshops.

Also: we are so well-fed during the workshops and we owe that to some very generous and delicious sponsors.

From Chipotle style-your-own burrito bowl lunches to a Seven Sundays muesli styling bar breakfast, to a pancake styling activity featuring Wholesome sugars and syrups and a sparkly + glittery Copper Hen champagne cupcake to wrap up the weekend, we are not lacking in the food department.

  • Seven Sundays
  • Drink Bai
  • French Meadow Bakery
  • Cafe Zupas
  • Chipotle
  • Wholesome
  • The Copper Hen
  • Wholesum Kitchen
  • Erickson Wood Works (not food, but in the business of making food look awesome)
example workshop-7
example workshop-10
example workshop-11
example workshop-46


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Soo I guess we’ll catch ya tomorrow with back-to-normal blog stuff?

Normal as in delicious, can’t stop, needs more foooood kind of a situation?

Yeah. That.

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