Ten Casseroles

I smell like an onion.  I have raw duck breasts sitting in my refrigerator.  And I just found a piece of parsley stuck to the bottom of my foot.  Who am I right now?

Clam shells with veggies in a skillet.

This weekend, something crazy happened.  I was about to go to the gym so that I could take it easy on the elliptical while playing on my phone.  #trashy

But instead of going to the gym, I agreed to photograph ten casseroles for Bon Appetit.  Before Monday.

But really, it was no big deal.  I was just a hot mess all weekend, but seriously, NBD.

I started cooking on Saturday.  I ate at least 5 buffalo chicken fingers before 9am.  I didn’t hate it.

Food on a white plate.

Then I started cooking on Sunday.  That was when I added butter to a pan of bacon.

You could say these recipes were a little on the heavy side.

Like, heavy cream and butter side. Which also puts them on the delicious side.

Food in a skillet.

The bottom line is that between me, Bjork, and our tiny kitchen, we managed to pump out TEN count’em TEN gourmet casseroles and photograph them before Monday.

And I’m eating cold macaroni and cheese out of a mug for a bedtime snack as I write this, so I think that’s an indicator that today’s post will be on the lighter side.

I will let you know when my photos go up on the BonAppetit website, in case you’re interested.

In the meantime, you need to get ready for Wednesday’s post.  It’s chocolate and it will make you fall in love.

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