The Cabin at Lake Pepin

Water view off the deck.

This post is sponsored by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. It is written by me (hi!). It includes my family’s pictures and stories and vacation rental experiences. Ready set go!

So Happy Fourth of July!

We just got back from a great 4-day vacation to the beautiful Mississippi River Valley – specifically, this gem of a place called Lake Pepin. And now we’re back home and it’s July 4th! Literally right at this second I can smell someone in the hood grilling up some hotdogs and my happy-summer-o-meter is flying high. Remind me next time I go on vacation to schedule my return over a holiday weekend, because back to back to back fun is, like, super extra sparkly fun.

One of our favorite things about summer in Minnesota is the abundance of vacation rentals that make you feel like you own a cabin… without really owning a cabin. Every summer my family does the vacation rental thing up in Northern Wisconsin (thinking about making a paper chain for countdown), and this summer we jumped on the bandwagon and vacation rental-ed for a few days with Bjork’s family, too.

Lake Pepin, Wisconsin.

The incredible vacation rental that we stayed at was simply beyond anything I could really describe. Like Whoa. But now I’ll try to describe it.

It was rustic, with lots of old, curvy, knotty wood everywhere, and it felt a lot like a cabin in terms of woodsy look and smell, but then also it felt a little bit like a mansion because it was huge and beautiful with high ceilings and grandiose windows. The doors and windows were formed into adorable arches and there were little beds and snuggly lofts tucked into every nook and cranny of this place, and there was a LADDER in the living room, all of which made it feel cozy and quaint (think Hobbit house) while also still being rustic and a mansion. So my description comes to this: cozy, quaint, rustic Hobbit mansion. Kinda get it?

We had an incredible view over Lake Pepin/the whole river valley (scroll on back up to the first picture for a better look at that one) and a big ol’ deck to sit and take it all in. Many teas sipped, birds watched, snacks eaten, books read, stars gazed, and conversations had right there on the million dollar log cabin deck.

Man standing on a porch.

Oh yeah, and pajamas worn. I mean, maybe that’s obvious. Cabin life, guys.

Field and sky.

Here’s the thing about Lake Pepin – I had never even heard of it before we started planning this trip. 100% Minnesota born and raised and yet I had no concept that such a thing existed. This brings up lots of geographical knowledge suspicions, like why don’t I know what incredible places exist less than one hour from where I live? It’s not super important for us to answer that.

The important thing is that I now know what to do the next time we have a free weekend and we’re looking for charm, natural beauty, and freshest of the fresh air –> grab an Americano for the road (new drink discovery! ) and road trip to the Lake Pepin area.

People in a log cabin.

This trip was extra special because it gave us time to spend with the people who we love and appreciate the most – and even though Bjork and I see our families on a regular basis, there’s something extra wonderful about spending that extended and uninterrupted time together.

People smiling.

You guys? July is national vacation rental month! Annnd this is one of those obscure facts that you had no idea was a real thing but then it actually comes at a perfect time. Honestly, we’ve always enjoyed staying a in rental rather than a hotel when we’re vacationing with family – it allows us to make meals together (I’m all over that, as you saw from this post and our experience in Emerald Isle in general), spread out a little bit, and experience a new place in a more authentic way. And now this is your month, you vacation rental newbie! If you’re looking for ideas, the Wyndham Vacation Rentals website is a great place to start.

(Some of you have asked about this specific rental, and just to be clear, this  place was not a Wyndham Vacation Rental, but because July is national vacation rental month – wheee! – they’ve awesomely agreed to sponsor this post. If you’re interested in more details about this particular place, just shoot me an email.)

Man and woman walking on a sidewalk.

Here are a few more pics from the week to get you pumped about your next destination! Even if it’s just to the hot dog bar later tonight. I’ll probably see you there.

Collage of vacation photos.

Thanks for being friends who share slices of life! <— who am I. Seriously who am I.

Happy Fourth! Happy Friday! Happy Vacation! XOXO

Thanks to Wyndham Vacation Rentals for sponsoring this summery, good times, vacation rentals post.

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