The Highlight Reel

Whenever a visitor, staff, child, or adoptive family leaves CSC to go back home, the kids sing a goodbye song and everyone hugs. Like literally, every kid hugs every person. That’s 80+ hugs and yet somehow, for me, it went way too fast. In looking back at our goodbye, I just wish I could have had a full minute to look each individual sweet kid in the eyes, study their face one last time, and hold them tight for longer than any of them would have been comfortable with. But instead I just got millions of billions of hugs and kisses all in a 30 minute flurry, and then it was over, all too fast. And even still, it was heart-breakingly sweet and wonderful.

This video starts with a clip of the goodbye hug-o-mania and I did some editing work to give you the kids singing the goodbye song in the background. You know, just another one of my super fancy tricks. Like I do.

After the goodbyes, I just put together some scenes of life at CSC, of our favorite sweet and funny moments. My hope and prayer is that Bjork and I can communicate not just how much joy we got from hanging around these superstars for a year, but how much incredible work is being done around the world through ministries like CSC, and how people who care, share, give, and adopt are people who are changing the world. These kids were once malnourished, homeless, living in violent or dangerous places. And here they are, lighting up this little home on a bumpy mountain road in the Philippines.

Since this is one of my last mushy posts about our year in the Philippines, I’m shamelessly encouraging you to consider meeting a specific need at the orphanage because I cannot think of anything more appropriate to give our money and resources to than this cause. Immunizations, math books, kitchen equipment… these are all specific things that you can provide to further the work that’s being done here. Whether CSC or other organizations like it, this is it, you guys. I really believe that this is what life should be about, and that challenges me.

I have been humbled and blessed and just plain excited-dance-giddy from all your comments and emails with stories about the Philippines, working and living abroad, mission related stories, and orphan care. I told Bjork just yesterday how amazed I am at all the positivity that you bring to our little corner of the internet. We live in a big, big world and my heart is happy knowing that this little sliver of it touches others’ hearts as well.

Salamat kaayo! Thank you veryverymuch.

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