This Is Why

Baby girl in a walker.

Babies are the new thing.

Infant baby.

And you guys are so nice.

Young boy looking into the camera.

During these sometimes challenging days of homesickness, wet clothes, and bad hair, I soak up your sweet comments, emails, and messages like a dry sponge.

Infant baby.

Sometimes I feel so far away from my old life.

Photos of Crockpot Carnitas suddenly seem so stupid next to photos of these eyes.

Young girl looking into the camera.

I mean, really.

Your interest in what’s happening in this new Filipino life of ours has been a huge encouragement to me.

It reminds me that this is right, this is ok, and that maybe I won’t have any white chicken chili photos ready for Wednesday, but it’s ok. And that it might be better that way, for now.

Baby boy sitting on the ground.

You guys. I love food. I love photographing runny eggs dripping down the side of a cornbread waffle. I love it so much that it’s giving me goosebumps right now. Crazy much?

I love loving food with you.

And then I also love days like this.

Woman showing young children something.

And I remember that this is why I came here.

Young boy with glasses.

If you can get past the ever popular hand-on-chin pose, these faces are saying something, and it’s this: thanks for being supportive, for loving these sweet kids with us from half a world away, and for praying for their futures.

Dear family, friends, and readers, thank you.

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